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Help desk outsourcing: №1

Outsourcing Help Desk Support

Help desk outsourcing intends to assist customers in solving technical and user issues through various channels. This service elevates the quality of customer support, raising overall efficiency and satisfaction.

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Simply Contact
Ranked among Top Customer
Support companies.
We meet the highest
security standards in accordance
with PCI DSS, ISO 27001, and ISO 27701 (GDRP).

We Provide

Tier 1 support

We address general customer questions, provide basic explanations, and deliver guidelines to help clients solve minor problems and usage issues.

Tier 2 support

At this level, we deal with larger issues that require more time and resources than Tier 1 requests. We investigate the causes of the problem and fix them if the involvement of additional experts is not needed.

Tier 3 support

Tier 3 help desk support service includes handling complex issues. Our agents monitor the status of clients’ queries and involve developers or suppliers to resolve the issue efficiently.

Take the Benefits of Help Desk Outsourcing

Outsourcing help desk services enriches customer support and reduces costs. Our vast experience, operational transparency, flexibility, and owner-like approach help us lead our clients’ businesses to prosperity.


Quality Assurance (QA)


Years of experience


Agents on board


Customer satisfaction (CSAT)

Our Industry Expertise

Help desk outsourcing: №1

Having a profound knowledge of the SaaS specifics, we build scalable teams and deliver tailored solutions to maximize our clients’ gains.

Help desk outsourcing: №1
Fintech, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

We are well-versed with breakthrough techs to address the needs of these sophisticated sectors.

Help desk outsourcing: №1
Aviation & Travel

By help desk services outsourcing to our experts, you’ll streamline the customer experience and drive satisfaction and loyalty.

Help desk outsourcing: №1

Our experts have solid experience in the field and deliver seamless, consumer-focused services to legal practices and other organizations in the sector.

Help desk outsourcing: №1

Legal and safety compliance is critical in healthcare. Our solutions help construct transparent, trusted, and secure communications matching all industry requirements.

Help desk outsourcing: №1
Logistics & Delivery

Thanks to an owner-like approach and deep dedication, we help our clients reinforce their partnerships and maximize outcomes.

Help desk outsourcing: №1

Help desk support in ecommerce is a highly demanded service. Our team crafts solutions to help retailers save costs and amplify operational efficiency.

Help desk outsourcing: №1
Media & Entertainment

A transcendent outsourced helpdesk service facilitates customer engagement and loyalty. Leverage our expertise and experience to create a smooth path for your clients.

We Got You Fully Covered

Help desk outsourcing: №1

Quality Assurance

Help desk outsourcing: №1

Regular reporting and analytics

Help desk outsourcing: №1


Help desk outsourcing: №1

Uninterrupted operations

Help desk outsourcing: №1

Inhouse training center

Help desk outsourcing: №1

IT setup and maintenance

We are trusted by

Help desk outsourcing: №1
Help desk outsourcing: №1
Help desk outsourcing: №1
Help desk outsourcing: №1
Help desk outsourcing: №1

Our client success stories

Office of the President of Ukraine


Representatives of the Office of the President of Ukraine urgently needed to launch a support line for citizens who needed help or advice in the conditions of military operations.

24000 calls handled per day
1 day to launch the project
2 service languages
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Help desk outsourcing: №1

Simply Contact presented themselves as an efficient, customer-focused company with outstanding crisis management skills and a strong emphasis on quality assurance. Thanks to their work, citizen requests are promptly processed. During our cooperation, the Simply Contact company has confirmed a high level of professionalism, efficiency and ability to solve emerging problems and complex tasks. We strongly recommend Simply Contact as a competent and reliable customer support services provider to work with.

Nadia Vasilieva
Institute of Digital Transformation of Ukraine

Wizz Air


Provide faster and better support for WizzAir customers in multiple languages, in order to reduce waiting time and enhance the quality of service.

6000 calls handled per day
98 agents on the line
24/7 operations
7 service languages
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Help desk outsourcing: №1

We have chosen Simply Contact for their expertise and experience in the travel & airlines industry. Now Simply Contact provides multichannel support for our customers in multiple languages. Our cooperation gives us a reliable foundation for further scaling of our customer service activities. We do recommend Simply Contact as a well-qualified and responsible partner.

Ewa Danecka
Head of Customer Experience



Ensure a smooth transition from in-house to outsourced contact сenter to improve quality and customer experience and make sure data is transferred quickly and reliably.

98% of requests resolved within 120 seconds
95% of clients mark service quality as excellent
5 channels supported
12000 сalls handled per month
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Help desk outsourcing: №1

METRO Cash & Carry Ukraine has been working with Simply Contact since May 2020. Currently, the Simply Contact support team handles up to 12,000 customer requests per month while providing a high level of customer satisfaction. They set up a CRM system that allows accumulating customers’ queries through multiple channels and ensures the security of clients’ data. Simply Contact proved themselves as a reliable partner, and we appreciate their input in customer experience development.

Olga Syomkina
Customer Experience Specialist
Help desk outsourcing: №1 Help desk outsourcing: №1 Help desk outsourcing: №1
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Why choose us?

Help desk outsourcing: №1
Our team has successful experience across industries, including Avia&Travel, Retail, Fintech, Delivery
Help desk outsourcing: №1
We exercise a customer-oriented approach and methodologies, such as CSAT and NPS track and improvement
Help desk outsourcing: №1
Superior protection is guaranteed by non-compromised data security and compliance with PCI DSS, ISO 27001 and ISO 27701 (GDRP)
Help desk outsourcing: №1
We develop solutions for superior customer experience in North American markets and globally
Help desk outsourcing: №1
Operational transparency and dedicated staff enable a quick and seamless launch
Help desk outsourcing: №1
A flexible team offers scalability opportunities by 50 agents per month
Help desk outsourcing: №1
A perfect capability for global business growth with a multilingual BPO that includes up to 18 languages
Help desk outsourcing: №1
For ultimate customer convenience, we deliver uninterrupted 24/7 services
Help desk outsourcing: №1
We treat your project as our own, which maximizes the positive outcomes and cost-efficiency of our solutions

Our Awards & Certifications

Help desk outsourcing: №1


Simply Contact is PCI DSS certified. This certification underscores our commitment to maintaining the highest level of security for all credit, debit, and cash card transactions. It is a testament to our dedication to protecting our clients' data and ensuring their personal information is always secure.

Help desk outsourcing: №1

ISO 27001

Simply Contact holds the ISO 27001 certification, an internationally recognized standard for managing information security. This certification ensures that we have robust processes in place to safeguard sensitive information, providing our clients with peace of mind.

Help desk outsourcing: №1

ISO 27701 (GDPR)

Simply Contact is certified under ISO 27701 (GDPR), the international standard for privacy information management. This certification is a testament to our dedication to privacy and data protection, ensuring our clients' information is handled with the utmost care and security.

  • Help desk outsourcing: №1
  • Help desk outsourcing: №1
  • Help desk outsourcing: №1
  • Help desk outsourcing: №1
  • Help desk outsourcing: №1

How do we ensure a high quality of service?

Outline the guidelines for quality processes to drive efficiency and performance

Meticulously study customer reviews at our regular feedback sessions. This helps us reveal areas for improvement

Conduct quality checks and analyze the results with supervisors, coaches, and project managers

If we reveal any skill or knowledge gaps, we arrange the respective training sessions

The unrivaled quality of our help desk support enables us to facilitate customer acquisition for companies in the legal sector and other industries.

We work out an optimal communication style that corresponds to customer’s brand.


What is help desk support?
Help desk support service is a software platform that helps to handle customer queries or issues. The system aids in accepting, managing, organizing, automating, and responding to client requests. It provides an opportunity to have a live chat with a service person through various channels and obtain quick assistance or troubleshooting advice. The service enables customer support staff to resolve complaints expeditiously and efficiently.
What are the duties and responsibilities of a help desk support?
Customer support typically requires significant dedication from the side of employees. Outsourcing help desk support relieves the in-house staff and covers a variety of duties to be performed by a third-party support team. Nine years of experience, professionalism, and talent of our experts empower us to deliver services precisely matching your business needs. We categorize our services into three tiers depending on the product complexity. At each tier, we provide competent advice and involve the required specialists.
How much does it cost to outsource help desk services?
Help desk service providers apply different payment models.
Pay per ticket
According to this metric, you should pay for every incident (ticket) your customer resolves with the help of your support service. The average cost of a ticket is usually about $20.
Pay per call
Here, you pay for every call managed by your outsourced helpdesk service. Although seemingly straightforward, the model may lack efficiency, as some issues require several calls for a complete resolution.
Pay per minute
This approach implies payments for each agent's time to address a specific issue. To avoid excessive expenses, you should apply the model when the average talk duration is short.
Pay per agent
This approach incurs a flat rate per help desk technician. You get dedicated agents aware of your systems and processes for ultimate support.
Help desk outsourcing: №1 Help desk outsourcing: №1
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