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Our Approach

Over the years, we have tuned our workflows to provide the most efficient customer support, reach our project goals, and continuously innovate for better outcomes.


Approach: №1

Our mission is to solve complex business challenges by delivering simple yet
effective solutions that provide a consistent and positive customer experience.

Simply Contact
We make sure our clients achieve their growth goals, solve their operational challenges and mitigate risk along the way. That's why we continually invest in technology and ensure comprehensive and thorough training for our staff. Security is our top priority, confirmed by compliance with PCI DSS, ISO 27001 and ISO 27701 (GDPR) standards.


Our launch process involves 9 steps. We focus on establishing a seamless project workflow and providing the best possible service to fit customer requirements.

  • Start
  • 1week
  • 2week
  • 2-3week
  • 4-5week
Creating an implementation group
Allocating of project management
Developing training program
Recruiting & hiring the agents
Training the managers and agents
Holding testing period & agent nesting
Conducting standard project flow
Creating an implementation group
Developing training program
Training the managers and agents
Conducting standard project flow
Allocating of project management
Recruiting & hiring the agents
Holding testing period & agent nesting


  1. Our trainers are experts in:
    • Building a training program based on customer materials
    • Conducting soft-skills trainings including communication trainings, empathy training and working with objections
    • Maintaining the knowledge base of the company
    • Preparing all types of training materials for the online learning platform
  2. We provide:
    • Introductory trainings
    • Regular knowledge refreshes
    • Remote training programs
    • Access to self-study and knowledge base
    • Product, service and quality trainings
    • Native English-speaking trainers

We continuously improve operational efficiency

Before the project start

  • Defining KPIs and quality standards
  • Setting actionable KPI targets

Improvement Cycle

  • Defining problem areas
  • Analyzing data to determine causes
  • Developing and implementing solutions
  • Monitoring and evaluating performance results

Our Key Principles

  • Performance ethics

    • Continuous improvement
    • Involvement of personnel
    • High, inspiring goals
    • Customer focus
  • Personnel performance management

    • 15 agents per Team Lead
    • Detailed plans for working
    • Knowledge base
    • Bonus systems
  • Results management

    • Setting high and inspiring but actionable goals
    • Measuring everything that turns into information
    • Regular management system and evaluation of the results
    • Response system with a deviation from the target
    • Key operational processes are described and formalized

We are allowing our analytics to literally control and support your future

Our Analytics system is focused on three aspects:

  • Approach: №1
    Customer Satisfaction
  • Approach: №1
    Total Cost of Ownership savings
  • Approach: №1

We use 6 main metrics
for Inbound Service:

  • Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI)
  • Service Level (SL)
  • First Contact Resolution (FCR)
  • Utilization Rate (UR)
  • Requests per Hour (CPH)
  • Average Handling Time (AHT)

Approach to reporting and analysis

Our business intelligence model includes hourly, daily, and monthly reporting and making forecasts.

Approach: №1
Approach: №1
Approach: №1

How do we ensure high quality of service?

  • Describe quality processes to enhance and improve efficiency and performance

  • Analyze the results of quality checks for supervisors, coaches, and PMs

  • Hold regular feedback sessions to identify areas in which agents may need improvement

  • We make requests for training sessions based on the analytics

  • Define a style of communication that aligns with the customer's brand

How our Quality Improvement Cycle works

Regular feedback
Review sessions for agents who don’t follow instructions
Refresh information
Thematic training (internal)
CSAT and quality increase
CSAT and quality training

We make success happen

Approach: №1

110% increase in sales conversion rate

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Approach: №1

6000 calls handled per day

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Approach: №1

95% customer satisfaction

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We make sure that your data is safe and protected

  • Approach: №1
    Approach: №1

    Data secured

    Protection of private data, certified by PCI DSS (certification class: SAQ -D 3.2.2 PCI DSS) ISO 27001 and ISO 27701 (GDPR)

  • Approach: №1

    99,99% continuity

    Uninterruptible services: power supply, data & voice channels, Internet channels duplicated

  • Approach: №1

    Remote agents model supported

    Secured by two-factor authentication. Traffic between agent and office is encrypted.