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How to Outsource Back Office Operations Successfully: №1
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How to Outsource Back Office Operations Successfully

August 14, 2023
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What is Back Office Outsourcing?

Outsourcing back office operations is a process in which a third party completes all the back office work of any organization. Many organizations often prefer this method as they can get all of the back office work done quickly and efficiently at lower prices. It also takes away the need to interview and hire staff to do it. This saves time and thus money. It inculcates a range of back office work that has been listed later in this article, along with the advantages.

Commonly Outsourced Back Office Services

So, now that you know what it is, you may be wondering, "what are back office functions?” We offer a huge range of back office outsourcing services so that all organizations are able to obtain what they need from one place. Some of the most common services that define back office, as organizations ask for the most, are listed below:

Data entry

One of the most common backend operations includes data entry. Just as the name suggests, data entry involves inputting information into a computer. This is done on a software of the organization’s choice after any non-electronic form of data is provided. We also organize preexisting data as the organization requires. The input is done through any input device such as a keyboard, scanner, mics, and so on. It depends on what the organization has asked for.

Accounts payable and receivable

Your back office definitely has an accounts payable and receivable requirement. This can be divided into accounts payable and accounts receivable. The former is the amount of money that the organization owes its vendors, employees, or any other stakeholder that is directly associated with the organization and has worked for them. Accounts receivable is the amount of money that is owed to an organization by customers or any other sources. This system is extremely important as it determines who is owed what and how much the organization earns at the end of the day.

It also helps the organization determine the profit that they are earning. The duration after which the accounts payable and receivable reports are delivered depends on the organization. Some ask us for weekly reports, while others ask for monthly or yearly ones. You can request as many as you like, and we'll be ready to provide them. Simply Contact experts are sure that no errors or omissions are ever made.

Human resources

The human resources back office operations deal directly with the customer. Most administrative tasks come under the umbrella of human resources. We are experts in process mapping, along with designing and managing all of the duties that individual members of the staff will perform daily.

The HR back office department is also the person to go to if any staff member has ambiguities, problems, or any discussions that need to be highlighted at the organization. They may be considered a means of communication with those who have higher positions in the organizations.

Tech support

What are back-office operations without tech support? Hiring a separate technology department can be expensive. Along with this, it is crucial for them to be skilled.

The tech department may seem small but as most organizations are deeply dependent on technology, their importance increases. We offer the software that you need and can even build new ones to meet your needs. Along with that, if any system malfunction or fails at the organization, we work to resolve the issue immediately so that no time is wasted.

Marketing and public relations

Outsourced operations also include marketing and public relations. This department requires trained individuals who can link the target audience to the organization. We use a range of marketing channels and tools to identify the target audience who is most likely to engage with the organization. After this, we communicate the desired messages to them through multiple means. This allows people to engage with the organization so that it is more likely to succeed.

We also manage public relations. This can be defined as the image or personality of an organization. This is how the public will perceive the organization, which determines whether they will work with them. We manage and communicate information to the stakeholders so that the organization is looked at favorably.

How to Outsource Back Office Operations Successfully: №1

What Are the Advantages of Back Office Outsourcing?

Since the burning question, “what is back office operations” is now answered efficiently, you may be wondering what the advantages are. Many organizations opt to outsource back office operations because of the following pros:

Lower operating costs and higher efficiency

If an organization was to hire a different department for tech, data entry, accounting, and so on, it would cost them a lot of time and money. It is because they must invest time in interviewing and the hiring process and then allocate salaries and benefits for each of the members in the department.

An outsourced back office would do the exact same things these departments do, only better. Furthermore, because an outsourcing firm has trained staff members to handle specific duties, your personnel can concentrate entirely on the jobs for which they were educated. This also gives you more resource management flexibility, allowing you to make faster and more informed decisions about how to spend labor and marketing expenditures.

We have had years of experience, so we know how to get the work done in a way that exceeds your expectations. The higher efficiency coupled with the elimination of time spent on finding, hiring, and paying many people makes back office outsourcing much more convenient.

Unlimited access to talented resources

Since we specialize in multiple outsourced back office operations, we have all of the resources required to get the job done to perfection. With us, you won't have any mediocre personnel working for you. We have a range of talented resources that will carry out your tasks to your liking, if not better. No matter what job you need, we will have the resources and talent to complete it in no time.

Focusing on core components of your business

When all of the back office operations are dealt with by someone else, you won't have to worry about that at all. This will allow you to focus on more critical aspects of your business. When your complete attention is on these core components, you will be able to improve your business and stay focused on what will help it grow. You can let yourself delve into the core components and leave the rest to us. We will definitely get all of your back office operations done. Outsourcing back office operations make everything so much easier!

Access to advanced technology

If an organization had its own individual back office departments, it would need the necessary technology too. We have all the advanced technology that is required for all back office operations. This means that you would have to spend on constantly updating your technology and training your staff to use it. We always have the latest modern technology that gets your work done the way you want it to. We've always got your back.

How to Outsource Back Office Operations Successfully: №1

Key Steps to Outsource Back Office Operations the Right Way

Often on our projects, we realize that organizations forget to follow a few steps before assigning tasks. If you have been thinking of outsourcing back office services, there are a few things you need to do. These will help you make the most out of the services you acquire. These steps will help us understand exactly what it is you’re looking for. Based on our experience at Simply Contact, these key steps help you outsource back office operations the right way:

Define your goals

The first step is to identify what services you need. It is best to make a list of all the back office operations that need to be conducted at your organization. This will help you find the right people who have all the things you need to get done.

Set up the requirements

Once you know what you need, you will have to identify what you expect in each of the departments. This can include how often you would need reports when you would need softcopies of data, and so on. It all depends on the needs of the organization.

Determine the budget

The next step is to identify how much you can afford to spend on these services. Do the math and figure out what would be more profitable for your business. This step helps you narrow down providers so you can find exactly what you're looking for.

Check the level of experience and expertise of BPO partners

A crucial step is to check the experience and expertise of partners. They need to be skilled in the areas where you will require work. Make sure that they have had experience in all required departments and have the resources to manage operations effectively.

Ensure data security

Since you are providing almost all of your data to them, you need to make sure your data will be secure. This means that it is all confidential and cannot be shared with anyone else. Be sure to sign a confidentiality agreement, so you know that your data is always in safe hands.


Running an organization is tough, and any means to simplify things should be taken. Back office operations are essential, but at times, they seem to be getting in the way of what's more important. Outsourcing back office operations is a great way to ease the workload. We take care of all of the back office operations with the best talent and technology. If you’re looking for partners who never fail to deliver, contact us. We will do everything you need for you.

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