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Elevate Amazon Sales With Outsourced Customer Service: №1
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Elevate Amazon Sales With Outsourced Customer Service

July 26, 2021
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Amazon is one of the biggest e-commerce platforms, with millions of active users. This makes it a great place for both small and large businesses to earn good revenue. But, selling successfully on Amazon involves more than just offering great products. Providing top-notch customer support is crucial too.

If you aim to be a successful seller on Amazon but lack the resources or staff to handle customer needs effectively, consider outsourcing your customer service. It's a smart move for growing and succeeding in your business.

Outsourcing customer service might seem daunting, especially with stories of poor customer support experiences on Amazon. However, when done correctly, it can help you quickly achieve your business goals.

What is Amazon Outsourcing?

Running an Amazon store involves more than just setting up an account, listing products, and responding to customer emails. As customer expectations rise, standing out with your products is increasingly crucial.

For small Amazon businesses, managing orders, shipments, and customer queries is usually manageable. But for larger businesses with hundreds or thousands of products on Amazon, handling customer support and other tasks can be overwhelming and time-consuming.

This is where Amazon outsourcing becomes valuable. Many sellers and large-scale businesses turn to outsourcing for customer service, product listing, and Amazon account management, among other services. By hiring professional companies or freelancers to take care of these tasks, businesses can save significant time and money, allowing them to focus on growth and strategy.

What Amazon Tasks Can Be Outsourced? 

You can outsource a variety of tasks on Amazon, but it's better to start with just one at a time. Outsourcing too many tasks all at once can actually create more work for you.

If you're new to selling on Amazon and not sure about outsourcing, you might be asking, "What tasks can I outsource on Amazon?" Here are some examples of tasks you can outsource to make things easier:

Product sourcing

When selling on Amazon, staying ahead of the competition is crucial. This means having a great selection of products that your customers will love. While you might think you're the best person for this job as a business owner, it's often beneficial to have a product sourcing expert on your team.

A product sourcing expert has a keen eye for high-quality products and understands customer buying patterns and current trends. They have extensive knowledge about where to find top-quality products at reasonable prices.

These experts have solid relationships with various manufacturers and wholesalers, which can be invaluable in getting the products you want at the right price and terms. By consistently offering high-quality products and introducing new items regularly, you'll keep your customers returning for more.

Customer service

Many new sellers on Amazon might think that Amazon will handle their customer support. However, the support provided by Amazon may not always meet the high standards you wish to offer your customers. It's crucial not to rely solely on this service, as it might not deliver the best experience for your customers.

Outsourcing customer service is a common and effective strategy among Amazon sellers. They recognize that excellent customer service is vital to keeping customers satisfied and maintaining the heart of their business.

This is where Simply Contact comes in. We specialize in providing top-notch outsourced customer service, tailored to the unique needs of Amazon sellers. Our services ensure that your customers always have a positive and seamless experience when they purchase from you.

By partnering with us, you can free yourself from the time-consuming task of responding to every customer inquiry, allowing you to concentrate on other important areas of your business growth.

Amazon PPC management

Even if you have high-quality products and excellent customer support, sometimes that's not enough to increase your sales. To reach more potential customers, you need to make your products more visible.

With so many sellers on Amazon offering similar products, standing out can be challenging. Setting up Pay-Per-Click (PPC) or Sponsored Product campaigns can help you rank higher and draw more customers to your products.

However, managing an Amazon PPC campaign isn't easy. It takes a lot of time and specific skills. If you're finding it difficult to handle these PPC campaigns on your own, consider outsourcing them to a PPC expert. This can help you get better results without the stress of managing the campaigns yourself.

Elevate Amazon Sales With Outsourced Customer Service: №1

Why Should You Consider Amazon Customer Service Outsourcing? 

If you're an Amazon seller, you understand how crucial customer service is to your business's success. But as a business owner, juggling customer support, Amazon PPC management, product sourcing, and other tasks can be overwhelming. Outsourcing your Amazon customer service can be a great solution for you and your business.

Here are some benefits of Amazon outsourcing:

Reduce costs and free up resources

Customers are your most important asset. By outsourcing customer service, you can provide them with an excellent shopping experience without compromising on other business areas. This way, your customers are well cared for, and you have more time to focus on achieving your business goals.

Outsourcing is also a cost-effective choice. Hiring local staff for customer service and other tasks in your Amazon business can be more expensive than using freelancers or agencies from other countries. With outsourcing, you pay only for the hours worked, leading to significant cost savings without losing quality.

Customer orientation

Amazon outsourcing prioritizes your customers, focusing on their needs and wants. Happy and satisfied customers often lead to increased sales.

Meeting customer expectations encourages them to return and shop more from your brand. By concentrating on what customers need and want, you can easily keep them happy and satisfied.

Providing high-quality products and top-notch customer support turns them into loyal customers. They might even recommend your brand to friends, family, and colleagues, effectively marketing your company for free.

Staying connected with your customers

Customer service isn't just about responding to unhappy customers. When you outsource your customer service to experts, you can connect with your customers on all the platforms they use.

Another benefit of outsourcing is that you can offer nearly 24-hour support by hiring freelancers from various time zones. This way, you're always available to quickly answer your customers' questions.

By providing fast and effective solutions to customer issues, you'll increase their loyalty to your business.

Managing reviews effectively

Successful sellers on Amazon often have many positive reviews for their products. Good customer support plays a crucial role here. Your support team can respond positively to these reviews, which helps maintain a high ranking on Amazon.

If your Amazon business faces negative feedback impacting your seller rating, there's no need to worry. Our customer support team at Simply Contact is trained to quickly address and resolve such issues.

We are available almost 24 hours a day, ensuring that your business maintains a high ranking on Amazon through effective review management and customer engagement.


Amazon offers great opportunities for business growth, but managing it alone can be challenging. Outsourcing Amazon tasks can quickly boost your sales and efficiency.

If you need quality customer service for your Amazon business, contact us. We provide top-notch support, saving you time and money, and meeting all your business needs in one place.

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