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Startup customer support: №1

Startup Customer Support

With our help, startups can boost customer service quality and overall efficiency. We help them curtail cost, promptly react to clients’ requests, and upscale at will.

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Simply Contact
Chosen among Top Customer Service Companies.
Gold winner of European Contact Centre & Customer Service Awards.

We Provide

Multilingual contact centers

We provide customer support teams in 18+ languages which will allow you to serve customers from virtually all corners of the world.

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Omnichannel customer support

Just name whatever communication media your clients find convenient (phone calls, emails, social networks, messengers, chats), and we will cover all of them.

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Back-office outsourcing

Our startup support extends to back-office operations, where we competently handle data collecting and processing, consulting, and managing administration routines.

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KPI-Driven Startup Customer Support

With a decade-long experience in the field, we can bring value to a startup customer service by letting your staff focus on core activities and leaving the client support tasks to seasoned professionals.


Quality Assurance (QA)


Customer satisfaction (CSAT)

up to 70%

Cost Reduction


First Call Resolution

Offering omnichannel and multilingual customer support

Your customers can contact you through all existing channels...

  • Social networks
  • Messengers
  • Calls
  • Chats
  • Email
  • Bots
You choose.
...in more than 18 languages
Hello! How can I help you?
Startup customer support: №1
Witam! W czym mogę pomóc?
Startup customer support: №1
Доброго дня! Чим можу бути корисний?
Startup customer support: №1
Hallo! Wie kann ich Ihnen helfen?
Startup customer support: №1
¡Hola! ¿En qué puedo servirle?
Startup customer support: №1
Bonjour! Est-ce que je peux vous aider?
Startup customer support: №1
Salve! Come posso aiutarla?
Startup customer support: №1

Our Industry Expertise

Startup customer support: №1

If your startup service is related to “software for rent," our employees are well-versed in working with high-tech-savvy customers.

Startup customer support: №1
Fintech, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

We keep abreast of these fields that are all the rage in the IT world of today.

Startup customer support: №1
Amazon stores

If your customers harness this self-service product, we will be there to help them to overcome any difficulty related to the technology.

Startup customer support: №1
Aviation & Travel

All tourists and passengers can rely on us to give them useful advice and timely assistance.

Startup customer support: №1

The realm of law is a no-joke industry, and we are proficient in this sector to respond to any plea for justice and legal support.

Startup customer support: №1

The ruthless attack of the global pandemic prioritized this domain, and we are ready to lend a helping hand to patients and doctors.

Startup customer support: №1
Logistics & Delivery

The uninterrupted circulation of goods is the blood system that fuels the economic organism. We see to it that it functions non-stop.

Startup customer support: №1

Millions of people are involved in online shopping every day, and we streamline the process for all stakeholders in the realm.

Startup customer support: №1
Media & Entertainment

In the information-driven world, these industries are of paramount significance, so we are proud to stay at the forefront of our civilization.

We are trusted by

Startup customer support: №1
Startup customer support: №1
Startup customer support: №1
Startup customer support: №1
Startup customer support: №1

We provide proven results

Startup customer support: №1

110% increase in sales conversion rate

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Startup customer support: №1

6000 calls handled per day

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Startup customer support: №1 Startup customer support: №1 Startup customer support: №1
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Why choose us?

Startup customer support: №1
The high-profile competence in a number of domains: Avia & Travel, Retail, Fintech, Delivery
Startup customer support: №1
The prioritized customer experience (CSAT, NPS track and upgrading)
Startup customer support: №1
Certificates PCI DSS, ISO 27001 and ISO 27701 guaranteeing data security compliance
Startup customer support: №1
Both North American and global markets covered by our customer experience
Startup customer support: №1
Seasoned personnel that enable the swift and no-sweat launch
Startup customer support: №1
The monthly upscaling capability of up to 50 employees
Startup customer support: №1
The roster of 18 languages to conduct BPO in
Startup customer support: №1
Round-the-clock customer service startups will enjoy
Startup customer support: №1
Affordable, top-notch customer service start up solutions tailored to match your business requirements

Our Awards & Certifications

Startup customer support: №1


Simply Contact is PCI DSS certified. This certification underscores our commitment to maintaining the highest level of security for all credit, debit, and cash card transactions. It is a testament to our dedication to protecting our clients' data and ensuring their personal information is always secure.

Startup customer support: №1

ISO 27001

Simply Contact holds the ISO 27001 certification, an internationally recognized standard for managing information security. This certification ensures that we have robust processes in place to safeguard sensitive information, providing our clients with peace of mind.

Startup customer support: №1

ISO 27701 (GDPR)

Simply Contact is certified under ISO 27701 (GDPR), the international standard for privacy information management. This certification is a testament to our dedication to privacy and data protection, ensuring our clients' information is handled with the utmost care and security.

  • Startup customer support: №1
  • Startup customer support: №1
  • Startup customer support: №1
  • Startup customer support: №1
  • Startup customer support: №1

How do we ensure a high quality of service?

We guarantee a complete workflow cycle, covering all bases from the start of your project to its day-to-day operations.

We focus on continuous improvement and have a universal quality control system that catches errors across all activities and languages

Ongoing training is integral to our culture, ensuring everyone stays competitive

We integrate AI into our processes that enhance efficiency, accuracy, and customer experience

We analyze quality check results and conduct regular feedback sessions for agent development, focusing on areas needing improvement

We ensure qualitative customer support upon the ever-changing legal practices and industry standards

Our communication style is tailored to each brand, ensuring a consistent and smooth customer experience


Startup customer support: №1

We have chosen Simply Contact for their expertise and experience in the travel & airlines industry. Now Simply Contact provides multichannel support for our customers in multiple languages. Our cooperation gives us a reliable foundation for further scaling of our customer service activities. We do recommend Simply Contact as a well-qualified and responsible partner.

Ewa Danecka
Head of Customer Experience
Startup customer support: №1

METRO Cash & Carry Ukraine has been working with Simply Contact since May 2020. Currently Simply Contact’s support team handles up to 12,000 customer requests per month while providing a high level of customer satisfaction. They set up a CRM system that allows to accumulate customers queries through multiple channels and ensures security of clients’ data. Simply Contact proved themselves as a reliable partner and we appreciate their input in customer experience development.

Olga Syomkina
Customer Experience Specialist
Startup customer support: №1

We have cooperated with Simply Contact since 2014. From the beginning, Simply Contact was professional and reliable. They implement specific key performance indicators that ensured the highest quality of customer service. Innovative and effective motivation schemes implemented by Simply Contact for their own agents helped us to achieve ambitious goals. Yves Rocher recommends Simply Contact as a qualified partner in the field of customer service.

Marina Voloshina
Head of Client Marketing
Startup customer support: №1

Thanks to Simply Contact’s work, they managed to significantly increase the Net Promoter Score and show incredible performance on our customer retention project. They established an effective workflow through excellent partnership and transparent communication. The team’s performance set them up well for a long-term collaboration.

Corissa Leong
SVP People & Culture, Travel Tech Company
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    What are the benefits of outsourcing customer service for startups?
    Delegating customer support to professionals in the niche enables startups to:

    1. Pay maximum attention to their major field of expertise

    2. Save a pretty penny on personnel training, maintenance of the in-house team, buying necessary software and hardware, and renting and equipping the premises to house the customer support staff.

    3. Get an opportunity for upward/downward team scalability to have the appropriate number of employees who will handle the job.
    How much will customer support cost for a startup?
    The total budget you must allocate is conditioned by several factors:

    1. The number of languages in which the customer support will be delivered;

    2. The number of communication channels (phone calls, online chats, emails, messengers, social media) used;

    3. The monthly number of queries the service will process.
    How to ensure the quality of customer service?
    The only safeguard of high quality is the right choice of the skilled outsourcer, which has top-notch analytics and monitoring processes in place. Our approach to managing the quality of customer service embraces reliance on specialized metrics that display the efficiency of our employees, keeping track of feedback on their performance, identifying those who don’t follow the instructions, and conducting all kinds of training to remedy inadequacies.
    Startup customer support: №1 Startup customer support: №1
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