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The Benefits of Customer Support Outsourcing in Poland: №1
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The Benefits of Customer Support Outsourcing in Poland

March 10, 2023
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Many companies face challenges in managing customer support effectively. Internal teams and AI chatbots may not align with a brand's values or provide long-term scalability.

The key lies in wise outsourcing of customer service. By choosing the right outsourcing partner, you can improve customer retention, boost CSAT ratings, and foster loyalty.

The majority of firms choose to outsource their customer support to Poland due to the many great advantages and facilities it offers. Please keep reading to find out why Poland is one of the most sought-after countries for companies to outsource their customer support and how it provides the ideal balance between quality and costs.

Why Outsource Customer Service?

Effective customer service plays a pivotal role in enhancing customer retention, which is a key component in the natural expansion and scaling of any business. Establishing an in-house customer service team, however, can be time-consuming and labor-intensive.

For every customer service specialist you bring onboard, there's the necessity for comprehensive training to ensure they understand your company culture and brand values. For these reasons, many small and medium enterprises (SMEs) seek cost-effective solutions that allow them to automate and outsource their customer service initiatives.

If you're at the helm of a nascent business, it could be highly advantageous to outsource your customer service. Your focus should remain fixed on developing and refining your product, identifying new customers, and processing orders. By outsourcing your customer service operations, you'll unlock significant cost and time savings.

Poland is an Emerging Country for Customer Support Outsourcing

Poland's development sector has earned an exceptional reputation in the tech industry, thanks to the significant recognition its developers have gained over time. In light of Poland's flourishing economy — one of the fastest-growing worldwide — and its pool of highly skilled programmers, it is no wonder that the country commands a substantial share of the CEE sector's largest FinTech market, which is valued at approximately $856 million.

Given these robust indicators, an increasing number of businesses are choosing to outsource their IT, software development, and customer support functions to Poland. The country presently accommodates over 200 call centers, which employ upwards of 300,000 people.

The majority of these centers are located in Warsaw and Krakow, the main hubs for outsourced services in the country. These two cities alone boast a workforce of over 125,000 highly educated, multilingual graduates dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service.

Considering its impressive economic growth, talented workforce, and sophisticated infrastructure, Poland represents an attractive destination for businesses interested in outsourcing IT, software development, and customer support services.

The Benefits of Customer Support Outsourcing in Poland: №1

Reasons Why You Should Outsource Customer Support Operations to Poland

Poland is an ideal location for outsourcing your customer support for several reasons.


  • The Polish government encourages job creation and supports global businesses.
  • The cost of living is minimal, offering a comfortable quality of life.
  • The country enjoys steady economic growth and a stable government.
  • Convenient time zones make it easily accessible for customer services to locations like Australia and North America.

Labor Pool

  • Polish professionals are fluent in Polish, English, and other languages.
  • The workforce is educated in various fields, including social media, customer care, finance, human resources, and telemarketing.
  • Local labor skills are considered one of the country's top three assets, according to 57% of foreign businesses.
  • Labor costs are on average 50% less than in Australia, the UK, and the US.


  • Poland has an excellent service culture.
  • Modern telecommunication infrastructure, including high-speed fiber optics, is available.
  • The country has a well-established transportation system and reliable postal service.
  • It has been ranked as the ideal country for outsourcing English labor by the Worldwide Sourcing Association.

Business Climate

  • Poland offers effective labor laws and strong protection of workers' rights.
  • Bloomberg ranks Poland as the best country for starting a business in Central Asia and East Europe.
  • CEOWORLD recognized Poland as the world's third-best country to invest in or do business in 2020.
  • With a population of over 38 million English-speaking consumers, Poland provides a growing market for businesses.
The Benefits of Customer Support Outsourcing in Poland: №1

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Customer Support to Poland

Entrusting customer support to Poland's skilled, driven, and diligent workforce enables you to uphold exceptional customer service while saving up to 50% compared to the expenses incurred in US call centers.

Furthermore, Poland boasts a stable government and economy that encourages international business collaboration. The country's diverse consumer and business culture has experienced significant growth in recent years, and industry experts forecast this trend to persist.

Poland’s immense focus on human rights and wellbeing, and comfort in general, lead to satisfied and motivated workers and, ultimately, brilliant service. 

The professional culture in Poland bears remarkable similarities to that in America, and there's a high proficiency in English. This ensures a smoother transition if you consider outsourcing your customer support services there. This move not only leads to substantial financial savings, but also guarantees top-quality customer service.

Numerous American companies prefer to outsource their support teams to Poland, primarily because of the significant cost and time efficiencies. The typical salary for a call center agent in the US is around $36,000, while in Poland, it's approximately $8,000-$10,000.

If you're still deliberating, here are a few reasons why Poland serves as an excellent choice for outsourcing your customer support.

1. Exceptional Education System

Poland boasts a remarkable education system that successfully blends modern Western methodologies with a strong Soviet-rooted focus on engineering and industrial development. The educational structure is well-orchestrated.

Various global educational rankings place Poland among the top 15 worldwide and within the top 5 in Europe. It's safe to say that Poland is committed to investing in its citizens' development, making it an attractive destination for outsourcing services.

2. Proximity to Major Financial Hubs

Poland boasts an advantageous location near some of Europe's primary financial hubs, including its immediate neighbor, Germany. This makes Poland easily accessible within a day's travel from these centers. Moreover, affordable air travel connects Poland to a plethora of European countries, enhancing its appeal as a hub for customer support contact centers.

The United Kingdom, Spain, and France are also easily accessible from Poland. The country's extensive aviation network provides ample opportunities for connections to the United States. Additionally, the seamless transfer of complex documents throughout Europe is an effortless task.

Furthermore, Poland's integration into your business decision-making framework is a smooth process. For an American or European team looking for a strategic location, a Polish team is an optimal choice your company can consider.

3. Strong Western-aligned Work Ethic

Poland is celebrated for its strong work ethic. The dedication and resilience of its citizens have enabled the country to transition from poverty to a prosperous future.

Such dedication mirrors the work ethics common in Western countries, drawing comparisons between Polish individuals and their counterparts in the US and Europe.

4. Exceptional English Proficiency

Poland's education system is commendable, a feature that extends to English proficiency. The country ranks among the top 15 worldwide for English knowledge.

The majority of Polish individuals are proficient in English, a testament to their exceptional linguistic abilities. The country's universities boast strong English departments, reflecting the national interest in English. Eager to enhance their proficiency, many individuals willingly dedicate time to learning the language.

5. Ideal Timezone

Poland's timezone (GMT+2) is ideal for outsourcing customer support. This central location ensures minimal time differences for European partners.

Moreover, there is considerable overlap with some US time zones, allowing Polish customer support agents to handle tasks during their daytime, which can conveniently align with early mornings or evenings in the US.

In essence, Poland's timezone makes it a prime choice for outsourcing customer support, given its alignment with standard business hours across various countries.

6. Excellent Cost-Quality Balance

Poland offers one of the best cost-quality ratios when it comes to outsourcing customer service. The country boasts a proficient labor force with highly skilled professionals who excel in their areas of expertise. These specialists are knowledgeable and understand their roles well, contributing to the overall quality of the services they provide.


Poland has risen to prominence as a prime location for outsourcing IT, software development, and customer support services. Thanks to its burgeoning economy, adept workforce, and sophisticated infrastructure, businesses globally are increasingly seeking outsourcing solutions in Poland.

As a company with delivery centers both in Poland and Ukraine, we encourage you to read our overview of outsourcing customer support in Ukraine.

Being at the forefront of contact center solutions, we serve industry leaders, small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs), and startups. Not only do we deliver cost-effective services, but we also uphold the highest quality standards, a combination our clients greatly value. Our ability to provide customized, multilingual customer support consistently meets and exceeds their expectations.

If you are considering the idea of outsourcing your customer service operations to locations like Poland or Ukraine, our expert team is ready to assist. Please do not hesitate to reach out for a comprehensive understanding of how our services can help your business grow and thrive.

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