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Customer Support for a Leading European Airline

Wizz Air is the largest low-cost airline in Central and Eastern Europe. Since it was founded in 2004, Wizz Air has carried over 34 million passengers to 44+ countries.

  • Industry Airline
  • Location Hungary
  • Size 5000+ employees
Wizz Air: №1 Wizz Air: №1

About the project

  1. Challenge

    Wizz Air needed to expand its team to provide faster and better customer support in multiple languages ​​in order to reduce waiting times and improve service quality. Also, as with any airline, Wizz Air has high and low seasons, which entails a number of peculiarities in the work of the support service and in the formation of the headquarters. Our goal was to scale up and down our team quickly, so that our services remain the most efficient and adaptable to workload variability in terms of project budget, and customer requests are handled efficiently and without delays.

  2. Key requirements
    • Excellent knowledge of Wizz Air policies, rules and features
    • Efficient workflow during high and low seasons
    • Language proficiency tailored to labor market needs and application processing directions
    • Implementation of innovative solutions to optimize the work process, while saving the budget
    • Meeting performance goals and enhancing processes
  3. Solution
    • Successful implementation of the “blended support” model, which made it possible to evenly distribute the workload among departments
    • Launching a back-office department, that streamlined support by synchronizing front-line and back-office tasks to speed up response times and enhance customer satisfaction
    • Establishment of a robust feedback loop that captures insights directly from Wizz Air customers, allowing us to continuously refine and elevate our service
    • Effective execution of the Average Handling Time (AHT) improvement initiative in the call center department
    • Using Power BI analytics to gain a deeper understanding of client and customer needs, thereby enhancing service quality across departments
    • Creation of an effective method of training and testing agents' knowledge, which was fully supervised by a professional support team
  4. Tasks we fulfill
    • Making outgoing calls to inform customers about changes in flight schedules, adjustments to reservations, etc.
    • Sending payment confirmations and travel itineraries, handling early bookings and cancellations
    • Resolving customer claims and complaints in writing on behalf of Wizz Air, processing requests and claims from competent authorities
    • Group mailbox handling, written responses to questions and requests on behalf of Wizz Air
    • Answering incoming calls from travel agencies and groups, managing customers in line
    • Managing cases for compensating passengers' additional expenses incurred due to flight cancellations or delays, referred to as Welfare cases
  5. Achievements
    • “Blended support” model allowed our agents to handle multiple communication channels, which ensured 80% of calls are answered within the first 35 seconds
    • Achieved a remarkable average handling time (AHT) reduction by 30% on key service lines in the call center department, surpassing contractual targets and setting new standards for efficiency
    • Increased the Call Per Hour (CPH) rate from 9 to 11 and on the Italian line to 12.6 during the low season
    • In the official claims department, we increased the CPH from 4 to 5 when processing Official cases from claim companies
    • In the call center department, we manage to maintain the abandon rate (AR) within the range of 10-5% (the best months for AR are March-May and November)
    • 100% of emails are answered within the first 3 days within the low season
    • We maintain an average utilization rate of 85% in both high and low seasons
Wizz Air: №1


Simply Contact has expanded staff and developed an effective analytics and monitoring process to ensure high-quality service. Our specialists created an effective method of training and testing agents' knowledge, which was fully supervised by a professional support team. Leading analytical methods allowed us to work effectively on improving the skills of agents, and therefore on improving the results of the entire project. A multi-channel and multilingual approach allows us to provide quick and efficient responses to all customer inquiries 24/7.
Also, thanks to the introduction of the new blended-support system, we managed to optimize the work process and save the customer's budget, effectively processing requests both in high and low seasons.

  • 6000

    calls handled per day

  • 120+

    agents on the line

  • 85%

    of utilization in both high and low season

  • 5

    languages of service


Wizz Air: №1

Wizz Air and Simply Contact started cooperation and launched a project in the field of customer support in January 2020. The collaboration portfolio is based on call center operations, handling of written requests, real-time chat services and group booking support. Simply Contact processes calls and requests in different languages ​​- English, Polish, Italian, German, and French. During our joint work, Simply Contact has proven itself as a reliable and flexible partner, which is always ready to support us in solving additional tasks. Simply Contact strives to achieve its goals by constantly looking for creative and innovative ideas and solutions

Tsvetoplama Stoyanova
Wizz Air contact center manager

Wizz Air: №1 Wizz Air: №1
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