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Office of the President of Ukraine

The Office of the President of Ukraine is a permanent body established by the President of Ukraine to ensure the full exercise of his constitutional powers. The main tasks of the Office are to ensure that the President of Ukraine exercises his constitutional powers on the basis of openness, openness and transparency.

  • Industry Government
  • Location Ukraine
  • Service 24/7
Office of the President of Ukraine: №1 Office of the President of Ukraine: №1

About the project

  1. Challenge

    Representatives of the Office of the President of Ukraine urgently needed to launch a support line for citizens who needed help or advice in the conditions of military operations. Every day, the Office received thousands of appeals and requests from people for help, so it was extremely necessary to systematize it into a full-fledged support line - promptly, qualitatively, effectively

  2. Key requirements
    • Launch of the project in a record time for the industry.
    • Operational training and retraining of agents.
    • The technical side of the project is reliably established.
    • Providing 24/7 support
    • Stress resistance of agents, prudence in difficult and morally difficult situations
    • Achieving performance targets
  3. Solution

    The company Simply Contact urgently launched a support hotline, which was aimed at receiving applications for the supply of humanitarian goods, as well as receiving medicines, food and hygiene products. On this line, our agents managed to process 24,000 requests.

  4. Tasks we fulfill
    • Urgent launch of the project in 1 day.
    • Operational training of agents in a short period of time.
    • The coordinated work of the entire support team made it possible to keep all processes under control.
    • Handling requests in three languages: in English, Russian and Ukrainian.
    • The necessary IT infrastructure, monitoring and analytics processes are clearly organized.
    • Achieving project goals, compliance with customer service quality rules.
Office of the President of Ukraine: №1


Thanks to the coordinated teamwork of Simply Contact employees, starting with support and trainers, ending with professional agents, we managed to launch an extremely important project for the country in a record time for the industry. Together, we were able to help tens of thousands of people in times of need, provide them with the necessary things or information on time, provide support, advice, or simply listen.

  • 1 day

    to launch the project

  • 2

    service languages

  • 24000

    processed appeals


Office of the President of Ukraine: №1

The Institute for Digital Transformation NGO and Simply Contact launched the Parliament in March 2022.
The line was launched in record time – one day. All technical implementation was managed by Simply Contact. They have established an efficient project workflow along with existing analytics and monitoring processes.
Simply Contact currently provides ongoing customer support. They presented themselves as an efficient, customer-focused company with outstanding crisis management skills and a strong emphasis on quality assurance. Thanks to their work, requests are promptly processed and Ukrainians receive the necessary humanitarian aid.
During our cooperation, the Simply Contact company has confirmed a high level of professionalism, efficiency and ability to solve emerging problems and complex tasks. We strongly recommend Simply Contact as a competent and reliable customer support service to work with.

Nadia Vasilieva
Institute of Digital Transformation of Ukraine

Office of the President of Ukraine: №1 Office of the President of Ukraine: №1
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