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Customer Support for Fareportal

Fareportal is a leading US travel technology company that operates a number of websites across the globe. Within 20 years of operating the company became a valuable partner with 500 airlines, over 1 million hotels and hundreds of car agencies worldwide.

  • Industry Travel & Leisure
  • Location USA
  • Size 2000+ employees
Fareportal: №1 Fareportal: №1

About the project

  1. Challenge

    Fareportal was looking for a solution that would help retain regular and potential customers, while ensuring stable revenue for the company, as well as keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level. This was Fareportal's first experience of cooperation with a company that provides outsourcing services. That is why the model of cooperation developed already in the process, improving and becoming more convenient for both parties over time and with experience. This means that in addition to the main KPI goals, new, but no less important tasks arose in parallel, so we rapidly changed and adapted work processes to existing requirements and flexibly adapted to any conditions.

  2. Key requirements
    • Proficiency in soft and hard skills
    • Fluency in English and a deep understanding of the American mentality
    • A stable level of income for the company, which is based on the results of each of the agents
    • KPI goals and achievements: increase in the percentage of customer retention, stability of profit from the department per unit of time and a high level of customer loyalty
    • Raising the level of customer satisfaction (CSAT) from the existing 0% to an acceptable level.
    • Professional coaching staff to create an effective agent training process
    • Stress resistance and team effectiveness, professional work with objections and complaints
  3. Solution

    The Simply Contact team handled over 20,000+ calls per month, exceeding expectations and targets. Our partnership has resulted in the expansion of the team into 3 divisions: Customer Retention, Ticketing, and Scheduling.
    Thanks to a clear division of labor, we managed to evenly divide the workload among departments, so the work was performed more concentrated and qualitatively. We launched a huge campaign in the department: intensive trainings began, the call and request processing model was completely revised. The result was numerous achievements and exceeding the customer's goals, even setting new records in the industry.

  4. Achievements
    • The percentage of retained clients was 15-18%, which not only met the project goals, but often exceeded them.
    • The number of calls per hour was exceeded by 0.2 compared to the set target.
    • Reduction of the average duration of the call due to prompt post-processing of the request after its completion.
    • The level of CSAT increased from 0% to 75%, for the first time during the monitoring of this indicator. The level was 0% because Fareportal did not work on improving this indicator and did not track it until a certain point. The Simply team achieved this mainly by developing effective scripts that met all types of customer requests, conducting a number of soft-skills trainings for the team
    • Net Promoter Score - the consumer support index was equal to 56% for the year, which was an absolute record among all departments.
  5. Tasks we fulfill
    • Cold&warm inbound calls handling
    • Processing of bookings cancellation, creating new reservations, tickets issuance in airlines' ticketing systems, refund or travel credits issuance
    • Providing best solutions available in order to retain the customer, objections handling
    • Revenue generating, cross selling of company products as flight and baggage insurance, concierge services etc.
    • Escalating travellers' complaints to respective teams
    • Consultations on fare rules, airline policy, baggage transportation, involuntary flights changes
    • Making outbound calls to airlines on behalf of clients to clarify policies and restrictions and, if necessary, request a specific solution in case of unforeseen circumstances.
Fareportal: №1


Simply Contact definitely succeeded in achieving the goals set by Fareportal. We were able to increase the level of customer satisfaction from 0, stabilize the rate of customer retention, ensure the target level of profit for the company from our departments. Our support team has developed effective communication solutions, training models and quality assurance, thanks to which we have provided high-quality services 24/7/365 around the world.

  • 20000+

    calls per month

  • 200

    agents on the line

  • 75%

    CSAT from 0%

  • 3



Fareportal: №1

Through Simply Contact’s dedicated efforts, we’ve seen a notable increase in our Net Promoter Score and customer retention rates. They have established an exceptionally effective workflow, underpinned by a strong partnership and clear, transparent communication. The team’s outstanding performance has not only met our expectations but has also laid a solid foundation for a promising long-term collaboration.

Corissa Leong
SVP People & Culture, Travel Tech Company

Fareportal: №1 Fareportal: №1
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