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Customer Support for Airportr

Airportr is an ambitious service company that helps you travel without thinking about your luggage.
This is a service that collects your luggage contactlessly before your flight and takes care of it until you receive it at your final destination.

  • Industry Travel & Leisure
  • Location United Kingdom
  • Size 1 000 employees
Airportr: №1 Airportr: №1

About the project

  1. Challenge

    Airportr needed to put the bulk of customer support in reliable hands to ensure fast and efficient communication with customers. This was necessary so that the company's internal team could focus on complex business cases and product development.

  2. Key requirements
    • High level of English/German/French as agents communicate with native speakers
    • Availability of a stress-resistant and efficient team of professionals partially employed on this project
    • Processing of all types of communications - calls, letters, chats, social media messages.
    • Achieving performance targets
  3. Solution

    Airportr provides processing of incoming communications through all channels. Support works efficiently in 3 languages, 24/7 with only part-time agents on this project

  4. Tasks we fulfill
    • Processing of incoming communications
    • Answers to frequently asked questions
    • 24\7 service, 4 communication channels, 3 languages
    • Help with reservations, making changes to existing ones
    • Consultation of customers on the product in chat or call in real time
    • Helping with payment
    • Processing of customer complaints
Airportr: №1


Simply Contact has developed a process for training, quality control and agents to work effectively with the full workload of Airportr's customer inquiries. Despite the fact that the project was based on partial employment, all tasks were fully completed. Economy, efficiency and effectiveness are the words that can be used to describe the cooperation between Simply Contact and Airportr.

  • 24\7


  • 4

    communication channels

  • 3


  • up to 15

    part-time agents in the team

Airportr: №1 Airportr: №1
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