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Customer Support for Online Banking Platform

Our client is a global payment service based in Europe, offering a range of financial solutions including virtual and plastic Mastercard options, online banking, and additional services. With features like diverse cashback programs and bonuses, this company caters to individual and corporate clients around the globe.

  • Industry Finances
  • Location Europe (except Russia and Belarus)
  • Size 90+ employees
Online Banking Platform: №1 Online Banking Platform: №1

About the project

  1. Challenge

    Our client has assigned us two primary responsibilities. In the back-office, we manage customer inquiries related to opening accounts. Our team is tasked with verifying the documents submitted and, when necessary, reminding customers to provide the correct documents to complete their registration successfully. In the front-office, our focus is on addressing customer queries via chat, ensuring timely assistance and a superior level of service for every client user.

  2. Key requirements
    • Maintain high service quality and customer satisfaction at all times
    • Process a specified number of customer requests per hour
  3. Solution

    We have successfully implemented several key solutions that contributed to optimizing operations and improving service quality. Specifically, our team was able to quickly adapt to the changing needs of the client: we tripled our staff in two months and halved it in one month, ensuring process efficiency and flexibility. We also improved service quality by reducing mistakes from 7% to 3% in two months. These strategic implementations not only streamlined our internal operations but also significantly boosted customer satisfaction.

  4. Tasks we fulfill
    • Providing 24/7 support in 3 languages
    • Rapid response to any updates or feedback
    • Continuous work on script optimization
Online Banking Platform: №1


Over the past three years partnering with this company, Simply Contact has undoubtedly achieved the set goals, especially in providing quality customer support. We have formed a stable team of professionals who adeptly respond to our clients' ever-evolving needs. Developing new service scripts has been a key step in improving the quality of our services. As a result, this initiative led to a reduction in the error rate from 7% to 3% in just two months, underscoring our commitment to ongoing improvement. We’ve also made the process of checking client documents before opening an account more efficient, reducing mistakes in approvals to just 1%.

  • 24/7


  • 18

    agents on the project

  • 500

    chats per day

  • 1000

    processed applications per day


Our partnership has provided us with a valuable opportunity to engage deeply in the fintech sector, serving diverse clients across Europe and beyond. We do more than customer support; our expertise in document verification ensures accurate, secure services. We’ve really valued and enjoyed working with this company, and we’re excited to keep growing with them and other fintech clients.

Anna Mateusheva
Project Manager at Simply Contact

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Online Banking Platform: №1 Online Banking Platform: №1
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