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Call Center Security Standards for Outsourced Customer Support: №1
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Call Center Security Standards for Outsourced Customer Support

July 12, 2021
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For a business representative, it is integral to understand and maintain the security standards of the customers. Thus, customer support shouldn't let the customer’s crucial information fall into the wrong hands. If, in any case, a customer's personal information gets leaked, the relationship with customers can be affected. Eventually, it will also affect the company’s reputation and growth as a whole.

If you want to avoid these unwanted scenarios, you need to understand why data security is the priority. Further, what adverse circumstances you can face due to it? Get into this article, call center security standards for outsourced customer support to get to know further.

Call center security committed companies shouldn’t miss it out!

Without further ado, let’s proceed!

Why Should Customer Security Be a Priority?

You are lucky if clients choose your company over all other options in the market. Thereby, you have to invest a lot of effort to make their experience comfortable and safest. Keep in mind, that if you take customers' data safety as a serious matter, customers’ trust will build in you. And customers’ trust will ultimately lead to business growth.

On the other hand, failing to meet customer security or showing negligence in the data security systems can ruin your progress. Call security is one of the most severe matters because a customer discusses personal information on a call that needs to be protected by all means.

Hence, customer support uses all possible means to satisfy their customers and win the market.

Call Center Security Standards for Outsourced Customer Support: №1

Components That Ensure The Security Of Customer Support

There are several components that you can use to ensure the security of the data of customers, and some of those are:

PCI compliance 

As technology is advancing, data security issues are also drastically increasing. Meanwhile, customers’ critical information is also a threat.  In this challenging scenario, PCI compliance is the best solution that helps to secure online transactions. 

This customer service compliance helps in keeping the customers’ call details safe and confidential. In this way, all the essential information, credit card number, and bank amount remain safe from hackers.

Simply Contact is a company that better understands the importance of data security. Therefore, it is  PCI compliance; hence, you can contact Simply Contact if you want to prevent online breaches. Indeed, it is the best PCI-compliant call center.

Further, to get more information about it, you can read PCI DSS Compliance in the Contact Center.

IVR security

IVR Security is another way of securing the customers’ sensitive information. If a customer is sharing his name, phone number, or address in the call, it can be transferred to IVR Security for security.

IVR security helps to ensure the authentication of your customers’ critical information without involving a person. 

Encrypting files

Files encryption helps to secure digital information. When you store any information on a computer, you need to be very conscious of its safety. Data encryption is an easier and quicker way to keep data confidential.

You can also encrypt your customers’ calls to keep their information secure. Moreover, encryption is also an ideal solution for the transformation of data through an insecure medium.

Conversation recording storage

When a customer calls a customer center, its call is recorded due to various reasons.

During the call, customers share private information that they don’t like anyone else to know. Though certain tools make, the call paused when confidential information is being shared. Yet, according to the call security center, the conversation recording must be stored in a safe folder. 

A data breach can put the company on the verge of risk.

Controlled access to information

If outsourced customer support wants to keep their customer information secured, controlled access is a remarkable step. This security technique helps you to give access to a file or folder to particular people only to whom you want to view or use the information.

This easy-to-use technique reduces the security threats to the company. It helps you to give access to the data to the most trustworthy people in the work field.

Three Types of Access Control

  • Discretionary Access Control (DAC)
  • Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)
  • Mandatory Access Control (MAC)

ISO/IEC 27001:2013 compliance

ISO/IEC 27001:2013 is the best security management because it specifies certain criteria that you need to follow for online security.

It lets you know to improve your company’s security and protects you from online breaches. Further, it enables the company to know how to implement and maintain the customers’ critical data safety.

Benefits of ISO 27001:

  1. ISO 27001 protects your company from heavy fines. Taking a customer’s sensitive information protected is every company's foremost. But cyber crimes are at their peak; therefore, ISO 27001 protects you from such crimes and saves you from the penalties.
  1. If a company loses any confidential data, a big question mark is raised on its services. Therefore, ISO 27001 is a security management system that provides an edge to the company to secure the protected information of the customers.
  1. It protects from frequent audits; it also assists the company to set its security risks responsibilities for better focus.

Thanks to Simply Contact, it is compliant with ISO/IEC 27001:2013, which is undoubtedly the best information security management system.

Call Center Security Standards for Outsourced Customer Support: №1

What Is PCI Compliance?

When a customer sees a logo of PCI compliant on any website, the trust and security level enhances a hundredfold. A PCI Compliant company, just like Simply Contact, ensures that the company has taken all measurements for customers’ data protection. 

Some of the features of PCI Compliance are:

Secure network

When a computer or any other device containing important data connects to the internet, it becomes vulnerable to hackers.

However, with proper measurements, PCI compliance can prove beneficial. PCI compliance is a secure network that protects data from outside hackers.

Security software

The purpose of designing the security software is to save the data from unauthorized access. It keeps laptops, mobiles, and networks protected from threats, viruses, or intrusions, which can damage the data in any way.

In this way, systems, data, users, and companies stay safe from risks. PCI Compliance is a security tool to keep the important data of the companies safe and secured. 

Network monitoring

Network monitoring is a great way to keep the business free from interference. Hence, your operations will not be interpreted by any unusual issues. Through network monitoring, you get visibility to stay one step ahead of online security issues.

It helps you figure out the outages that can create bottlenecks. Thus, you can cope with them, then and there.

Moreover, network monitoring protects your data from advertisements, viruses, or phishing.


Call centers receive, process, store, and many times transfer sensitive data. In this scenario, encryption provides a layer of security. Encryption prevents malicious actors and turns the readable data into numbers or symbols for safety.

The readers who want to read the encrypted data use certain tools for this purpose.

The following are three types of encryption:


Symmetric encryption is a procedure in which you encrypt and decrypt the data by using only one key.


In asymmetric encryption, for data encryption, the company uses a public key. But, at the time of data decryption, a private key is used.


In the hashing process, an algorithm helps create a unique hash that helps in data comparison, and ultimately you can easily understand the encrypted data. 

Restricted access

PCI compliance offers an outstanding option for restricted data. It makes the customer support share your precious data with only a few reliable staff.

This feature is an additional safeguard of your customers’ sensitive data. You can imply a strong restriction at every level and make the data flow in your desired channel.

It is a comfortable and quick security option that you can straightforwardly apply on every level. This easy yet worthy option keeps the customers’ information protected from threats, fraud, and hacks.

Documented security policy

A document security policy is a set of informative documents that explain the employees' performance in a suggested way. It helps to prevent security risks.

This documented security policy makes the employees know what the company’s objective is and its expectations. In addition, documents also consist of senior staff’s ideas.

Call Center Security Standards for Outsourced Customer Support: №1


Technology brings several risks aside, and one of the major risks is data security. Data security is the most significant concern for every business, particularly outsourced customer support. Customers need to share much of their confidential information on the recorded call. A company must try to keep every tiny piece of information safe as it is a matter of their company’s grace and customers’ protection. A hacker can misuse the hacked information in any way.

A company requires appropriate tools and adopts cerian methods to keep every sensitive information safe to sort out these issues. 

Simply Contact is an outsourcing contact center that gives an ultimate try to keep the customers’ sensitive information. The company is compliant with PCI and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Compliance to protect its customers from any mishap. We provide dozens of customer support services by keeping security at the top priority.

Hence, if you want to hire a secured outsourced customer, Simply Contact is one of the most reliable and top-notch options. So, contact us for any kind of query and avail of our 24/7 services.

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