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Fintech Customer Support: №1

Fintech Customer Support Outsourcing

We specialize in providing top-notch customer support outsourcing for FinTech companies. Our experienced team ensures your customers receive timely and accurate assistance, enhancing their experience with your business.

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Simply Contact
Award-winning customer support company.
We meet the highest security standards and are compliant with ISO 27001, PCI DSS, ISO 27701 (GDPR).

We Provide

Omnichannel customer support

We provide comprehensive support across various channels including phone, email, chat, and social media, ensuring your customers can easily reach us through their preferred method of communication.

Technical support

Experienced professionals at Simply Contact are ready to tackle any technical challenges faced by your customers, providing prompt and efficient solutions to minimize downtime and ensure a seamless user experience.

Feedback collection and analysis

Within this service, our team gathers customer feedback and conducts a comprehensive analysis to extract valuable insights into customer satisfaction levels and identify areas for improvement.

Multilingual customer support

The agents at Simply Contact provide customer support in multiple languages. Our company ensures that language is not a barrier when it comes to providing exceptional and seamless customer services.

Emergency support

Our team is equipped to handle emergency situations, ensuring a quick and effective resolution. Our emergency support services are available 24/7, providing peace of mind to our customers.

Account management and billing support

Managing accounts and billing can sometimes be a complex process. Our professionals assist customers with their accounts, including billing inquiries, account updates, and other related services.

Get the Benefits of FinTech Customer Support Outsourcing

When you outsource customer support for FinTech business to Simply Contact, you’re enhancing every customer interaction. Our wealth of experience, coupled with transparency, ensures your customers will enjoy personalized service that meets the unique needs of your business, all while you conserve valuable time and resources.


Quality assurance (QA)


Customer satisfaction (CSAT)

up to 70%

Cost reduction (compared to in-house support)


First Call Resolution

Fintech Customer Support: №1 Fintech Customer Support: №1 Fintech Customer Support: №1
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Case Study

Online Banking Platform

24/7 service
3 service languages
18 agents on the project
1000 processed applications per day
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Our partnership has provided us with a valuable opportunity to engage deeply in the fintech sector, serving diverse clients across Europe and beyond. We do more than customer support; our expertise in document verification ensures accurate, secure services. We’ve really valued and enjoyed working with this company, and we’re excited to keep growing with them and other fintech clients.

Anna Mateusheva
Project Manager at Simply Contact

Our Awards & Certifications

Fintech Customer Support: №1


Simply Contact is PCI DSS certified. This certification underscores our commitment to maintaining the highest level of security for all credit, debit, and cash card transactions. It is a testament to our dedication to protecting our clients' data and ensuring their personal information is always secure.

Fintech Customer Support: №1

ISO 27001

Simply Contact holds the ISO 27001 certification, an internationally recognized standard for managing information security. This certification ensures that we have robust processes in place to safeguard sensitive information, providing our clients with peace of mind.

Fintech Customer Support: №1

ISO 27701

Simply Contact is certified under ISO 27701, the international standard for privacy information management. This certification is a testament to our dedication to privacy and data protection, ensuring our clients' information is handled with the utmost care and security.

  • Fintech Customer Support: №1
  • Fintech Customer Support: №1
  • Fintech Customer Support: №1
  • Fintech Customer Support: №1
  • Fintech Customer Support: №1

We Got You Fully Covered

We make sure that you get a full cycle of workflow. Whatever challenges you may encounter – from launching the project and throughout the course of its operation – we’ve got you covered.

Fintech Customer Support: №1
Quality assurance

Fintech Customer Support: №1

Fintech Customer Support: №1
Inhouse training center

Fintech Customer Support: №1
Regular reporting and analytics

Fintech Customer Support: №1
Uninterrupted operations

Fintech Customer Support: №1
IT setup and maintenance

Why Choose Us?

At Simply Contact, we are dedicated to providing exceptional FinTech customer service that aligns with our core values and meets the unique needs of our clients.

Fintech Customer Support: №1
Continuous improvement

We are committed to constantly enhancing our services to exceed client expectations.

Fintech Customer Support: №1
Openness and trust

Our transparent approach helps to build long-term and reliable relationships with our clients.

Fintech Customer Support: №1
Acting like an owner

We take full responsibility for our clients' needs, treating their business as our own.

Fintech Customer Support: №1
Embracing challenges

We thrive on tackling challenging projects and providing simple yet effective solutions.

Fintech Customer Support: №1
Award-winning company

The exceptional services of Simply Contact has been recognized with industry awards.

Fintech Customer Support: №1
Commitment to security

We prioritize security, holding certifications to protect client and customer data.

Fintech Customer Support: №1
Trusted by the best

Simply Contact is trusted by renowned clients as a testament to our exceptional service.

Fintech Customer Support: №1
Technologies implementation

Our use of cutting-edge technology helps our clients increase efficiency and reduce expenses.

Fintech Customer Support: №1
Multilanguage support

Our agents are proficient in 18+ languages, ensuring communication with diverse customers.


Fintech Customer Support: №1

We have chosen Simply Contact for their expertise and experience in the travel & airlines industry. Now Simply Contact provides multichannel support for our customers in multiple languages. Our cooperation gives us a reliable foundation for further scaling of our customer service activities. We do recommend Simply Contact as a well-qualified and responsible partner.

Ewa Danecka
Head of Customer Experience
Fintech Customer Support: №1

METRO Cash & Carry Ukraine has been working with Simply Contact since May 2020. Currently Simply Contact’s support team handles up to 12,000 customer requests per month while providing a high level of customer satisfaction. They set up a CRM system that allows to accumulate customers queries through multiple channels and ensures security of clients’ data. Simply Contact proved themselves as a reliable partner and we appreciate their input in customer experience development.

Olga Syomkina
Customer Experience Specialist
Fintech Customer Support: №1

We have cooperated with Simply Contact since 2014. From the beginning, Simply Contact was professional and reliable. They implement specific key performance indicators that ensured the highest quality of customer service. Innovative and effective motivation schemes implemented by Simply Contact for their own agents helped us to achieve ambitious goals. Yves Rocher recommends Simply Contact as a qualified partner in the field of customer service.

Marina Voloshina
Head of Client Marketing
Fintech Customer Support: №1

Thanks to Simply Contact’s work, they manage to increase the Net Promoter Score and retained customers. They establish an effective workflow through excellent partnership and transparent communication. The team’s performance set them up well for a long-term collaboration.

Corissa Leong
SVP People & Culture, Travel Tech Company
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    What makes Simply Contact's FinTech customer service unique?
    At Simply Contact, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional fintech customer service that is tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. Our team of experts is well-versed in the fintech industry and is equipped with the knowledge and tools to resolve any issue promptly and efficiently.

    An omnichannel approach grants users with the opportunity to change the preferred channel of interaction while retaining a consistent experience. Thus, users can start their journey at the physical store, seamlessly switch to the brand’s SM profile, and finally move to the brand’s website to complete a purchase.

    Businesses that provide superior experiences regardless of the selected channel will increase their clientele and generate loyalty.
    How does Simply Contact handle complex FinTech support inquiries?
    Our approach to handling complex fintech support inquiries is thorough and efficient. We have a dedicated team of specialists with extensive knowledge in the fintech sector.

    When a complex inquiry is received, it is escalated to the appropriate expert who will analyze the issue and provide a comprehensive solution. We also maintain a knowledge base of past inquiries and resolutions, which aids in efficiently addressing any future similar situations. Rest assured, our team is committed to resolving even the most complex fintech support inquiries to your satisfaction.
    What services does Simply Contact offer for FinTech companies?
    Simply Contact offers a range of services tailored specifically for fintech companies. This includes customer support, technical support, feedback collection and analysis, and more. Our team is committed to providing top-notch service to help fintech companies thrive in the competitive digital landscape.
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