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How to Write a COVID-19 Contact Center Script: №1

How to Write a COVID-19 Contact Center Script

October 2, 2020
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Scripts are client communication scenarios that are built according to certain principles. They are actively used by call center operators in order to have all the necessary information in front of their eyes and better structure the conversation with the client. In the current situation, many call centers have to adapt old or write new COVID-19 call center scripts, as the work of many companies has changed in the environment of the pandemic.

How to Write a COVID-19 Contact Center Script: №1

The Advantages of Using Call Scripts

Scripts help to optimize the work of a call center and improve its performance. By using scripts during phone calls you can achieve such results:

  • Provide employees with ready-made solutions for different situations. This will save time and ensure quality and fast enough responses from staff.
  • Uniformize the work of staff and provide quality service to a wide range of clients. If we are talking about an outsourcing call center, it can be difficult for employees to improvise their words on the run, switching between clients from different companies.
  • To ensure the call center's independence from changes in its personnel. Scripts will remain stable and fixed, regardless of who works in the company at the moment. Respectively, the quality of service will not drop in the case of the dismissal of an employee. In addition, if you have scripts for new employees, it will be easier for them to acclimatize to a new environment, and easier for the company to bring them up into the working process faster.
  • The sales rates, in general, will be significantly higher due to the standardized constantly qualitative service level.

The Work of Call Centers During the Quarantine

Due to the pandemic situation in the world, the burden on call centers has increased significantly. Clients may have a lot of questions associated with the uncertainty of the overall situation. And all such cases require a coronavirus call center script.

On one hand, clients want to know how to get a refund for goods or services that they could not get because of the quarantine, such as travel vouchers, cinema tickets, theaters, concerts, and so on. On the other hand, the pandemic has caused interruptions in the supply of some products. And if a customer wants to buy such a product, he must be informed of its current absence. In this situation, it is important to offer an alternative to keep customers satisfied during these hard times.

Also, many companies hold actions or offer discounts to their clients because of quarantine. For example, some bookstores or Internet providers have done so. And the information about it is necessary to inform clients. Some companies are also re-profiling or expanding their range of products according to the current situation.

And, of course, quarantine is becoming a time for many companies to expand their customer base through the so-called "cold calls". This is especially true for companies, which services may be relevant in the changed condition, such as post offices and other delivery businesses.

Сustomer Service Response to COVID-19

Let's look at some call scripts specific to each individual case.

How to Write a COVID-19 Contact Center Script: №1

Refund request

Assume the situation is a client wants his money back for the first time. We should remember that such clients are most often annoyed right away, as there are frequent reports in the press that this or that company refuses to return the money to its clients. Accordingly, the client will call those already in the mood that they will have to protect their rights. The operator's task is to ensure that this client will still be a customer of the company after the quarantine and that nothing is out of the order on their behalf.

When creating scripts for such situations, it is important to remember the following:

  • An operator should always greet the customer, even if the customer immediately starts a conversation on an aggressive note.
  • The answer should include specific information on how and when the funds can be returned. Ideally, full deadlines should be given.
  • If the operator does not have this information yet, the client should be told when this information will be available and when the client may make a second call to get it.
  • Remember to tell the customer about any alternatives available for them. Many companies offer options to transfer funds to other products or to just postpone the receipt of the same product for the time being and wait until the quarantine is over.
  • At the end of the conversation, it will be appropriate to mention the current range of products and the discounts and offers available.

If the product in question is out of stock

If the products are out of stock or cannot be delivered to the customer, the operator must apologize and inform them about the current situation. It is also important to mention that the product will be available again at the end of the quarantine. If the company has an alternative option, the customer should be offered any other way of fulfilling their needs. This will maintain the company's sales level and, in addition, the client is more likely to be satisfied, which will make a positive impact on the company's reputation.

«Warm» calls

You should call the customers who have already purchased something from the company in the past in the following cases:

  • If the customer has not bought anything for a long time — it can be possible to get them back, as their loyalty level is already higher than that of a stranger to the company. Perhaps now, when they have some free time in quarantine, the product will become relevant again.
  • If the company has expanded its range of products for the period of the quarantine.
  • If the company has launched a special offer or discounts, which are relevant now.
  • If the company hasn't reminded itself for a long time.

Сall center script during coronavirus should always include the following elements:

  • Greetings and introduction. There is no need to stretch this part in time too much, as the client probably still remembers your company.
  • You should definitely ask if it is convenient for the customer to speak right now. If not, you should specify the time when it will be better to call back.
  • It is important to recall the previous business they had with the company.
  • The immediate point of the call. It is not worth mentioning more than once that an offer or expansion of the range is related to the quarantine. On the one hand, it works as a good advertisement, because the company takes care of customers, and on the other hand, this topic causes many negative emotions among most people, so try to focus on some of the more pleasant issues.
  • Listen to all objections of the client and respond to them accordingly. Also, the client may want to clarify certain questions.
  • Fixation of the purchase or refusal to make it, so that there won't be any ambiguity in the future.
  • If a client is ready to make a purchase, discuss the details, and check all the data once again.
  • Closing the conversation.

Survey call scripts are built mostly on analogous principles, but without mentioning the quarantine.

How to Write a COVID-19 Contact Center Script: №1

«Cold» calls

The "cold call" script is not much different from the script for normal time. It consists of the following elements:

  • Greetings and an introductory phrase.
  • A manager ensures that it is convenient for the client to speak right now. Identifying the problems. A manager tells the client what problems can the product in question solve. If a product or service is particularly relevant during the pandemic and isolation conditions, this should be mentioned.
  • The direct offering of the product or service to the client.
  • Receiving the objections. If the client has refused at the previous stage, an attempt should be made to identify the reason for the refusal and try to change their mind. Remember that the client may have been left unemployed because of the quarantine. If the operator hears such a reason, you should inform the client about the possibility to get the goods at a discount or in installments if such an option is provided. It is also possible to express sympathy to the client in a few words.
  • Farewells. At this stage, you should discuss the possibility of further cooperation with the client. It can be a direct business deal or just a new call sometime in the future when the client will be ready to strike a deal. Be sure to thank the customer for their time.

And remember that cold calls don't always work right away. That's why it's important not only to sell the product but also to leave the most pleasant image of the firm — the customer may want to contact your company after the quarantine is over if they get the right impression during the conversation.

During the quarantine, the work of call centers has become somewhat more complicated. In the new environment, operators need to conduct dialogues with confused, often dissatisfied, customers, support sales and promote the company. Therefore, the most important thing about writing call scripts right now is to preserve the image and work for the future. Because the quarantine will eventually come to an end, but the clients will stay.

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