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Power Of Service: Exploring The 5 Customer Service Levels: №1
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Power Of Service: Exploring The 5 Customer Service Levels

March 22, 2023
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In today's competitive corporate landscape, superior customer service is key to cultivating enduring relationships with customers. Irrespective of the industry, a company's reputation can greatly hinge on the quality of its customer support. Merely adequate service may no longer suffice in this fiercely competitive era. Companies need to offer prompt, comprehensive, and tailored customer service to distinguish themselves from the crowd.

In this article, we delve into the different levels of customer service, and their critical role in fostering customer loyalty. Whether you're a burgeoning small business or a multinational corporation, this piece offers insightful perspectives on elevating your customer service and delivering a remarkable customer experience.

Understanding Customer Service Levels: A Definition

Customer service level is a reflection of a business's commitment to its customers, assessed through multiple parameters like response time, speed of resolution, customer satisfaction, and the totality of the customer experience. It establishes a standard that companies utilize to evaluate their customer service efficiency and pinpoint areas for enhancement.

The idea of customer service levels can be divided into various stages or tiers, each signifying a distinct level of customer satisfaction and service excellence.

Here are the five commonly referenced levels used in customer service evaluation:

  1. Unsatisfactory 
  2. Basic
  3. Average (Good)
  4. Desired
  5. Unbelievable (Trademark)

The goal of many organizations is to consistently deliver top-tier customer service. So, let's delve into each level of this system.

1. Unsatisfactory Customer Service

Unsatisfactory customer service is the lowest level of customer service. This stage is marked by prolonged response periods, ineffective communication, and unresolved customer concerns. Companies providing this caliber of service may face challenges in retaining customers and potentially suffer damage to their brand reputation.

Customers who encounter unsatisfactory service may feel disregarded and underappreciated, leading to a negative overall experience. Unfortunately, this can have dire consequences, as statistics show that 91% of unhappy customers who are non-complainers simply leave.

As an outsourced customer support provider, our team at Simply Contact has a wealth of knowledge and best practices to share for each level of customer support. Let's delve into how we can transform unsatisfactory customer service into an exceptional experience.

Invest in Training

Ensure that your customer support team undergoes comprehensive training, so they can respond swiftly and efficiently. If you want to learn more about how to improve the skills of your team members, you can also read our article on customer service training ideas.

Implement a Reliable CRM System

Incorporate a robust CRM system that can manage customer interactions and guarantee every customer query receives attention.

Ask for Feedback

Regularly collect and analyze customer feedback to pinpoint areas for improvement. This also may show customers that you value their input and are committed to improving.

Encourage Politeness

It is crucial to train your staff in the art of politeness and courtesy when interacting with clients. Encourage them to use phrases such as “thank you,” “please,” and “I'm sorry” whenever appropriate. These small gestures can go a long way in creating positive customer experiences.

2. Basic Customer Service

Basic customer service meets the bare minimum requirements. Customers' questions are answered, and their problems are solved, but there's no extra effort to exceed expectations or build a relationship. While this level avoids significant customer dissatisfaction, it doesn't necessarily create loyal customers.

Below, we have provided some top-notch tricks to enhance your basic customer service level.

Improve Response Time

Customers appreciate quick responses. Try to reduce waiting time and aim to resolve issues in the first interaction.

Use Multi-Channel Support

Expand your customer support channels beyond just phone and email. Consider integrating live chat, social media, and self-service options like FAQs or knowledge-base articles on your website. This allows customers to choose their preferred method of communication, improving their overall experience.

Follow up

It is important to follow up with customers to ensure that their issues have been fully resolved since their initial interaction. The goal is to address problems thoroughly so that customers do not need to contact again for the same issue.

Regular Team Meetings and Reviews

Conduct regular meetings with your customer service team to discuss recurring issues, customer feedback, and potential improvements. This promotes a culture of continuous learning and improvement, essential for elevating your customer service level.

3. Average (Good) Customer Service

Average customer service refers to consistently meeting customers' expectations. This level of service involves effective communication, timely problem-solving, and a thorough understanding of customer needs. While it provides competent assistance that satisfies customers, it may not differentiate your business in a highly competitive market.

To enhance your customer assistance, consider the following tips.

Provide a Tailored Solution

Deliver a personalized response that considers the client's specific needs and concerns. Avoid providing generic solutions or responses that may not be applicable to their particular situation.

Implement a Customer Loyalty Program

By providing exclusive perks, discounts, or personalized rewards, businesses can foster customer loyalty and cultivate a strong sense of appreciation and value within their loyal customer base.

Prioritize Consistency in Service

Maintain a consistent standard of quality service throughout all customer interactions. Ensure that your customer service team follows standardized processes and provides reliable information. This fosters trust and dependability with customers.

Cultivate Empathy and Active Listening

Train your customer service team to practice empathy and active listening skills. Encourage them to genuinely understand customer concerns and actively engage in conversations. This fosters rapport and demonstrates to customers that their needs are heard and understood.

4. Desired Customer Service

Exceptional customer service goes beyond mere satisfaction and aims to impress customers. It involves anticipating their needs, delivering prompt and effective solutions, and providing personalized assistance. Such exemplary service not only fosters strong customer loyalty but also generates positive word-of-mouth for your business.

To enhance your customer service to the desired level, consider implementing these four suggestions.

Provide Proactive Communication

Take the initiative to anticipate customer needs and proactively reach out to them. This can involve sending regular updates on order status, notifying them about relevant promotions or new product releases, and providing valuable tips and resources. Proactive communication demonstrates your dedication to keeping customers informed and engaged.

Empower Employees to Make Decisions

Build trust and empower your frontline customer service employees to make decisions and resolve issues autonomously. Provide them with the necessary authority and tools to address customer concerns promptly and efficiently.

Make Yourself Transparent

Ensure transparency by openly communicating the steps taken to address the client's concerns. Keep the client informed about the progress of the situation and any updates or changes that may occur.

Provide Personalized Support

Treat each customer as a unique individual by customizing your support according to their specific needs. Utilize their purchase history, preferences, and any relevant information to provide personalized recommendations and assistance. Personalization demonstrates your commitment to meeting their distinct requirements and fosters a stronger bond with the customer.

5. Unbelievable (Trademark) Customer Service

Unbelievable customer service is the highest level of service. This "trademark" level of service is so exceptional and unique that it becomes a key aspect of your brand identity. This level involves going above and beyond in every interaction, creating memorable experiences, and constantly seeking ways to wow your customers.

To elevate your customer service to unbelievable heights, here are four valuable suggestions for enhancing your company's approach.

Create Wow Moments

Look for opportunities to create memorable and wow-worthy experiences for your customers. This could involve surprise upgrades, personalized gifts, handwritten thank-you notes, or any other gesture that exceeds their expectations and leaves a lasting positive impression.

Empower Your Team to Exceed Expectations

Encourage and empower your customer service team to think creatively and proactively find solutions for customers. Give them the autonomy to make decisions that can truly delight customers without needing to escalate every request.

Create a Culture of Customer Centricity

Instill a customer-centric mindset throughout your organization. Encourage and empower all employees to prioritize customer satisfaction and make it a core value in all aspects of the business.

Continuously Innovate and Evolve

Stay ahead of the curve by consistently innovating and evolving your customer service offerings. Keep a pulse on industry trends, new technologies, and customer preferences to provide cutting-edge service that sets you apart. Regularly evaluate your processes, tools, and systems to identify areas for improvement and implement new strategies accordingly.

If you are interested in learning more about customer service levels, we recommend reading the article on the main technical support levels

Power Of Service: Exploring The 5 Customer Service Levels: №1

The Significance Of Customer Service Levels In Customer Support

Customer service levels are crucial in the field of customer support. The quality of support that customers receive directly influences their satisfaction, loyalty, and perception of your brand. Recognizing the significance of customer service levels empowers businesses to prioritize and improve their customer support efforts for long-term success.

Furthermore, customer service levels can serve as a competitive advantage in a crowded marketplace by consistently delivering exceptional support. Positive customer experiences and outstanding support contribute to a strong brand reputation, while inadequate support can harm a brand's image.

Customer service levels also have a direct impact on customer acquisition and referrals. Satisfied customers who receive excellent support are more likely to become advocates for your brand, sharing their positive experiences with others. This leads to valuable referrals and the acquisition of new customers.

Furthermore, by prioritizing customer service, businesses gain valuable insights and opportunities for improvement. Actively listening to customer feedback and analyzing support interactions enables companies to refine their products or services and enhance the overall customer experience. This continuous improvement process helps businesses stay competitive and maintain customer satisfaction.


In today's highly competitive business landscape, delivering outstanding customer service is paramount for establishing and nurturing long-term client relationships. As we have observed, businesses have the flexibility to offer varying levels of customer support based on their objectives, available resources, and client needs.

At our company, we recognize the significance of providing exceptional customer support to our clients. Our team of skilled professionals is equipped with the necessary expertise, technology, and infrastructure to deliver round-the-clock customer support services that surpass our clients' expectations.

If you are seeking a trustworthy outsourcing provider to handle your customer support operations, we are here to assist you. Contact us today to explore our outsourcing services and discover how we can help your business enhance its customer support while reducing costs and optimizing efficiency. Let us assist you in delivering exceptional customer support to your clients and propelling your business to new heights.

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