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Benefits of Outsourcing for Small Business Call Center: №1
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Benefits of Outsourcing for Small Business Call Center

January 31, 2021
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Growing your business can be challenging, especially in the early stages. One of the ways many modern startups use to reduce costs is by outsourcing secondary functions. For instance, small business call center outsourcing allows establishing professional customer support on a reasonable budget.

According to Statista, the global call center market in 2020 amounted to over $300 billion and is projected to reach $500 billion by 2027.

Benefits of Outsourcing for Small Business Call Center: №1

Below, we will discuss the rationale behind hiring an outsourced call center team and how this approach can improve your business's bottom line.

What are the Advantages of Small Business Call Center Outsourcing?

First, let us review the benefits of call center services for small businesses from an owner's perspective.


Small business owners often have limited staff. Thus, customer support is provided either by employees having other duties or by whoever took the phone. As a result, team members spend a lot of time trying to understand and resolve the client's problems instead of doing their jobs. Respectively, the quality of implementing both major tasks and customer support suffers. In turn, hiring a new employee or several always entails additional costs - wagers, workplaces, training, etc.

In such cases, it would be advisable to turn to a call center outsourcing vendor's services. So, you don't have to pay salaries, taxes, or insurance. Besides, dedicated call centers have access to technologies and services that small businesses cannot afford independently. That is why, thanks to outsourced call centers, you can work at a higher level.

Professional service

Reputation is critical for smaller businesses. Beginners often have to compete with large established enterprises. That is why a professional approach is fundamental. If an employee answering the call does not have the proper knowledge, your company image may also suffer.

Conversely, outsourced call centers for small businesses provide an opportunity to cooperate with expert operators that have training and experience dealing with different people, able to cope with any force majeure situations that arise in the workflow. Call center outsourcing companies also usually have quality control mechanisms to ensure that customers receive the best possible service.

Business development

Today, call centers do much more than just answer calls from dissatisfied customers. A dedicated small business contact center can now offer outbound services, follow-up calls, and sales services, which means an excellent opportunity for raising your business to a qualitatively new level.

Moreover, outsourced call centers can communicate with advertisers and customers, place orders with suppliers, or schedule appointments. Call centers can cover a wide range of tasks and services to help your customers feel involved.

Benefits of Outsourcing for Small Business Call Center: №1

24/7 support

Your customers expect to be able to get the information they need literally at any time of day. Outsourcing call center for small business will provide the necessary support to your clients, as they operate 24/7. Even when your personnel is off work, call center operators will act as your representatives, performing under prescribed scripts.

Modern business is centered on qualitative service, thus having a way to support customers around the clock is essential if you want to succeed. Simply Contact has vast experience in building contact centers upon customer requirements and providing 24/7 customer support services. If you are puzzled about which outsourcing call center to choose, you can take a closer look at our company.

Construction of long-term customer relationships

Having a call center will help you to establish long-term customer relationships. As your business grows, you will be able to offer cumulative discounts, collect customer feedback, and conduct surveys and marketing campaigns.

An outsourced call center is best suited to notify your customers of new proposals. Its staff will call each customer informing them about the latest products, discounts, etc. This will help your customers feel that you care about them and inspire brand loyalty.

Increased satisfaction

Your clients will get a positive impression of the company if they communicate with the knowledgeable and experienced specialists provided by the Simply Contact outsourcing call centers for small businesses.

We can shorten response times and reduce bounce rates. Our staff is excellent at handling peak call volumes, highly trained, and acts professionally at all times. With our aid, you will handle many calls and attract potential customers, even at an international level.

How Can Call Center Services for Small Businesses Increase Your Income?

Now let us see how a call center can increase your company's profits.

Outsourced small business call center costs less

An outsourced call center is the most cost-efficient option for smaller companies and startups. This method is especially suitable for organizations that do not have products, usage of which does not require in-depth knowledge of sciences and innovative tech.

With small business call center solutions, you have no need to spend funds recruiting, training, and maintaining additional employees. Such expenses include salaries, rent of premises, utilities, software, etc. A simple analysis can clearly demonstrate that it is much more profitable to hire a company that provides contact center outsourcing services.

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Your employees are free to focus on their core tasks

Suppose you decide to employ the services of a qualified call center outsourcing company. In that case, your staff can focus on performing their primary duties - developing new products, looking for better suppliers, attracting new customers, etc.

Agents can conduct customer surveys and social research

Both large and small call center operators can efficiently conduct customer surveys directly or using the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) polling feature. IVR enables companies to conduct customer surveys via SMS and voice broadcasts.

Your marketers can plan and execute mass mailings to encourage customers to take action. With the help of special software, thousands of messages are sent to email accounts and mobile devices. Even in the case of a negligent amount of feedback, the business income will increase. Received responses can be processed and analyzed by call center operators to discover valuable insights.

Another typical task for call centers is collecting feedback about the business, which will help optimize the provided services.

All these activities are carried out to realize customer expectations, which will naturally increase profits in the long run.

Benefits of Outsourcing for Small Business Call Center: №1

Call center services can include call recording and data analytic options

Call center solutions for small business may include call recording and data analytic functions. Data analytics provides reports used to identify new opportunities and address gaps. You can get a clear idea of what customers expect from your company.

When it comes to recordings of conversations, they are used to understand how agents respond to customers and whether the latter's requirements are met. An analysis of all the data presented helps to reduce the number of complaints about the work of employees, and the clients form a positive image of the company.

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Above, we have described how Simply Contact can help in growing your small business. There are many larger enterprises among our clients, such as WizzAir, Metro Cash&Carry, Yves Rocher. Nevertheless, we offer our customers favorable conditions and thought-out service packages despite the size of their business.

We are confident that outsourcing contact centers improve the quality of customer service for small business at reduced costs.


The article discussed the benefits of hiring an outsourcing services vendor and how call center outsourcing can improve your business' profitability.

If you are looking for an outsourcing company providing professional call center services that are cost-effective, equipped with the latest technology, operate 24/7, and can offer an experienced team, contact us today.

We offer a wide range of outsourcing services such as out-of-hours call answering services, online chat, call center, incoming and outgoing calls, and more. Get in touch for thorough consultation or a personalized call center proposal.

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