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Customer Satisfaction Survey: №1
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Customer Satisfaction Survey

May 31, 2021
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Today, businesses conduct customer feedback to find out how their customer feels about their products and services. The customer satisfaction survey questions are quite crucial for any business to figure out customers' personal opinions about their brand.

Customer feedback survey comes in different shapes and sizes. It can conduct in a digital form or a written form. It’s up to your organization how they want to get feedback from their customers. However, the Survey question is quite simple people need to pick answers between "highly satisfied" and "highly unsatisfied. Positive customer feedback is key to your business's success.

The primary reason for conducting customer satisfaction surveys is to identify how satisfied your customers are with the product/service they are getting from your business. This article will explain what a Customer satisfaction survey is, the types of customer satisfaction survey questions, and their importance. Let's get started on it!

Customer Satisfaction Survey: №1

What Is a Customer Satisfaction Survey?

A customer satisfaction survey is a mechanism used by companies to measure their customer satisfaction level with the quality of products and services.

Why Customer Satisfaction Surveys Are Important?

There is no surprise, customer satisfaction surveys have become a differentiator for learning about a company's client base. Survey questions are playing a vital role to improve companies' overall customer experience.

Here are the main reasons why customer satisfaction surveys are indispensable for any organization:

  • Customer satisfaction surveys help you in decisions making of market
  • The customer feedback survey is a key to standing out among the competition
  • This survey enhances Customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • This survey promotes your brand through word-of-mouth marketing
  • Customer satisfaction feedback helps you to identify areas of improvement
  • Customer satisfaction surveys will protect the online brand image.

Types of customer satisfaction survey questions

Product and usage

In this section, you have to ask questions about your product or service in order to access customer needs and provide effective solutions. The survey question includes multiple-choice, single-select questions, and Yes or No to collect customer feedback most efficiently. These are the following questions that you could ask in this section.

  1. How much you satisfied with the product?
  2. How happy are you with the product?
  3. How often do you use the product or service?
  4. Does the product help you achieve your goals?
  5. How do you rate the product you purchase?
  6. Would you buy again, rate your experience and usage of the product.
  7. What are the things missing in the product?


Demographic questions are essential for marketing and sales to understand customer personas. This section helps you with customer segmentation, which is crucial for employees to visualize their target audience. The demographic questions should not be mandatory. Always provide your customer with a comfort zone in order to get a piece of honest information. The following are questions that you must ask in the demographic section.

  1. What is your age?
  2. Where are you from?
  3. What is your employment status?
  4. What is your marital status?
  5. What is your education level?
  6. Do you work or a student?

Support and warranty

Great customer experience can get you, long-term loyal customers. It is evident that loyal customers are valuable for businesses. They are the ones who can advocate for your brand with friends and family.  Here are the following questions.

  1. Please evaluate the quality of our service on a scale of 1 to 5.
  2. Rate our shipping services.
  3. Are you satisfied with our customer support representatives?
  4. Was the customer service agent knowledgeable?
  5. How could we make our customer service better?
  6. Resolving a warranty issue is crystal clear?

Customer satisfaction

The questions in customer satisfaction surveys are crucial to figuring out personal customer needs and product issues or weak points to improve the company's offerings. These questions are a great way to develop a consistent approach to quantifying Customer satisfaction survey feedback. These are some of the most helpful survey questions below to help you to develop better questionnaires.

  1. How much you satisfied with your product?
  2. Rate our product and service on a scale of 1 to 10.
  3. How could we make our product better inbox us?
  4. Rate your purchase experience.
  5. How do you introduce us to your family and friends?
  6. Rate our team's efforts in resolving your issue.


The open text has significant importance while conducting the customer satisfaction survey because it permits the customers to write their personal opinion about the products or services. Collecting the response from open-text questions can be challenging and time-consuming, but it reflects the right way to avail honest customer reviews about your brand. A few questions must ask while performing this survey.

  1. Describe your personal opinion about our products and services in a short note.
  2. How can we deliver our services in a better way?
  3. How can a company's employees offer you the best experience?
  4. What are your thoughts about choosing our services?
  5. Do you describe your experience with our company?


Finally, it is the last survey section to collect the customer's responses after giving feedback about our products. These survey questions allow the customer support team to interact with the customer in the long term. Fundamentally, this survey is all about changing or updating the previous feedback of customers. The following can be the question that should ask in this section.

  1. Can we reach out to you to get your response again?
  2. Will you wish to conduct this survey again in the future?
  3. Can you agree to update your experience with our company?
  4. Can we talk about your opinion if we update the product features?
  5. Are you willing to have contact with our customer support manager?
Customer Satisfaction Survey: №1

How to Implement Customer Satisfaction Survey Results?

Once you conduct the survey question and receive meaningful data, now it’s the right time to implement a customer satisfaction survey into action plans and how we can achieve fruitful results. So, let's introduce a few steps that can help you to understand the implementation process.

Analyze the survey results

Firstly, it is necessary to make strategies or tactics to carry out the action plan or implementation. You need to analyze the survey results that increase the chances to boost your sales by modifying the products according to the customer demands. Further, you can make some other changes like introducing new products that cover the customer needs. At a glance, Customer satisfaction survey results help to set the company's goal by identifying previous mistakes and building a new success path to meet the market trends.  Set your decision-making and future marketing plans for your products according to customers' preferences and their choices.

Build the customer’s trust

Once you receive the entire survey questions about your company, focus on those questions that describe the customer needs regarding your brand. So think based on the customer's perspective and modify your products or services as demanded. Unfortunately, most companies reduce their product pricing once they receive negative feedback, which leads to poor customer support. So the important thing is here never to lose the customer's trust and always provide excellent and quality customer service.

Boost marketing campaign form survey results

Suppose your survey results show that various customers are happy with your services. In that case, it doesn't mean you should not do anything. If you intend to stick them permanently to your brand, give them some gifts or other monetizing opportunities. These satisfied customers can optimize the survey results and you can use them for marketing purposes. And also, you can build a marketing campaign with your happy customers by recommending your brand to their friends and family.

Fix any customer issues

If you receive negative feedback from the customer during the customer journey, then fix this issue as soon as possible. So, your company will not face this issue again in the future. You have to identify the issue and make a perfect plan or strategy to overcome the problem much better way. This act helps your company to achieve high-level customer satisfaction.

Identify unsatisfied customers and turn them into potential buyers.

Customer feedback survey reflects everything from satisfied customers to unsatisfied customers. Once you know why customers are unsatisfied with your brand and give negative feedback, you have to do something way more. You can turn them into potential customers by listening to their issues and sending them an email with the cause of the problem. Further, you have to take it seriously and send them apology notes, gift coupon codes, and more.

Customer Satisfaction Survey: №1

Final Thoughts

A customer satisfaction survey plays a significant role in order to stand out in a competitive market. Without a doubt, this survey commonly helps your company to focus on happy and unsatisfied customers to influence them in your brand. Moreover, you can leverage the survey results to make an action plan or strategy to boost more customers and enhance sales.

We offer to conduct surveys regularly and then analyze the CSAT scores to identify the company's success. We're highly expert in implementing the results of CSAT surveys and always keeping track of the progress, so you never lose your customers in the competitive world. Thus, you can simply contact us to improve your customer experience and hire our quality-driven contact center.

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