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How an After-Hours Call Service Can Benefit Your Business: №1
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How an After-Hours Call Service Can Benefit Your Business

January 12, 2021
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If you are a business owner, you should know how difficult it can be to provide 24/7 customer support. After all, clients often seek help outside of your company’s working hours, when it is more convenient for them. For instance, according to statistics, the revenue from autoresponder services in 2020 reached 2 billion 131 million US dollars.

How an After-Hours Call Service Can Benefit Your Business: №1

Autoresponder services are obviously well-demanded. So perhaps, you should focus on your own after-hours call service to help you keep in touch with customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And the best way to provide this is to hire outsourced agents.

Advantages of After-Hours Call Service 

What business benefits do you get in particular with the after-hours answering service powered by outsourced agents? Let’s take a look.

Constant support

An after-hours phone service provides your customers with support from real agents 24/7. The outsourced call center employees can work even on holidays if need be. This gives a huge boost to the customer experience you provide, allowing your customers to make calls on their own terms and not during their scheduled business hours.

Outsourced specialists usually make an experienced call center staff that will help you earn a good reputation in the eyes of your customers and increase their level of trust.

All-around availability

If the company is round-the-clock available, clients from different time zones also get to contact a live agent to get answers to their questions, make an appointment or clarify information about their orders at any time. 

And you must admit, it's great when you come to work in the morning, and there is a folder of appointments, orders made and new clients made while you were resting waiting at your desk. This is the ultimate versatility you get with the after-hour call services capabilities. 

And you can achieve it right now with the qualified help of Simply Contact specialists.

How an After-Hours Call Service Can Benefit Your Business: №1

Revenue increase

As you improve your customer experience, attract more leads, and schedule more business meetings in shorter time periods, you make more money. On top of that, you don't need to cover employee life insurance, pensions, and other management costs. A 24/7 voicemail service ensures you never miss a call or opportunity that could potentially increase your business's profitability.


Partnering up with an outsourced call center is much cheaper than hiring and training in-house employees. The average administrator's salary is approximately $30,000 a year. And that's not counting additional expenses like insurance, overtime, etc. Thus, you eliminate the extra costs of employee salaries and expensive equipment required to deploy a call center in-house.

Experts at Simply Contact can help you reduce your business expenses dramatically. We provide reasonably priced collaboration options that will allow you to compete with other small and large companies. 

Business-driven decisions

Based on their experience, outsourced specialists will listen closely and help you adjust regular customer communication according to your specific goals. You get a wide range of services that are guaranteed to bring additional profits and help optimize your business. As your business grows, you can customize or update the types of services in accordance with your current business plan.

Reinforced reputation

Experienced hired specialists that will practically automate your correspondence with clients will set your business reputation in stone. As you may know, people frequently complain online about companies and service providers neglecting their inquiries in time of need. You want to avoid such remarks made among your customers however you can. 

There are even specialized websites with angry reviews and negative feedback on services, products, and providers. Reinforcing your business reputation, you get a good push to grow further as your company ratings on “angry reviews” sites will demonstrate to your potential customers that you are a reliable provider.

Customer satisfaction

People are pretty much used to being in touch all the time nowadays. And despite the huge popularity of messengers and social networks, most customers want to clarify questions and solve issues live. They also can quickly research the market and learn all the information they need about companies.

If your services do not satisfy them, they will turn to your competitors. In order to avoid such an outcome, it is necessary to provide customers with communication outside of working hours. And our highly qualified specialists at Simply Contact will help you establish customer satisfaction by boosting 24 hr answering service.

Who Benefits Most from After-Hours Answering Services?

A vast range of industries, niches, and individual businesses can make profitable use of 24-hour answering service. Which ones exactly?

Real estate businesses

In this branch of business, it is necessary to meet the needs of tenants regardless of the time of day. Most renters work at the same time as you, so they will seek emergency assistance after office hours.

Thanks to after-hours answering services, you can stay in touch with your tenants at any time of the day or night. We at Simply Contact will notify you via email about any unforeseen situations so that you can get up to date in the morning.

HVAC and domestic services

Businesses that serve dwellings, such as providers of HVAC, plumbing, and electricity services, usually do their jobs during the day. But clients also call in the daytime. If an employee is not in place and misses a call, a client can be lost. You need to always stay in touch so that your customers can get the information they need, even after hours.

It so happens that a responsible employee cannot answer while busy with some object. In this case, the after-hours answering service is a true business savior.

Law firms

Clients of law firms also need advice at any time of the day. It often happens that it is during off-hours that calls are more profitable for a lawyer. Calls from law firm clients should also be answered without unnecessary delays.

By hiring an outsourcing call center company, you will never miss a call from your customers again and will always be available - even on weekends or holidays.

How an After-Hours Call Service Can Benefit Your Business: №1

Healthcare providers

A person may need medical assistance at any time. Patients cannot always determine what is an emergency and what is not. Responding after hours, specially trained staff will be able to quickly determine the root cause of the disease and connect patients with doctors. And, in the same way, they will be able to understand if the patient can wait until morning.

Bottom Line

These are the main advantages and areas of use for outsourced after-hours call centers. We hope you get the gist and understand whether you need to turn to such services. If you do, we have seasoned specialists that you can hire to boost your business availability right now. Drop us a line at Simply Contact to discuss further details and make the first step towards new business improvements.

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